The Haunted Legends of Colorado’s Riverdale Road

Those who are interested in ghost hunting in Colorado are aware that the 11-mile stretch of Riverdale Road that runs between Thronton and Brighton is not for novices. According to numerous accounts, it is one of the most haunted highways in the United States.

Traveling down this road in broad daylight has been known to send chills up the spines of motorists who are unaware of the area’s haunting history. These motorists have reported seeing ghost joggers and frightful ghouls walking along the road. Two new signs surfaced not too long ago next to the ‘Gates of Hell’ on Riverdale Road, which prompted a number of individuals on Reddit to discuss their experiences with the neighborhood.

The ‘Gates of Hell’ on Riverdale Road

One of the most famous roads in Colorado, Riverdale Road, runs parallel to the South Platte River between Adams and Weld County. According to urban legend, the proprietor of a sizable estate located along Riverdale recently experienced a mental collapse. While his family was sleeping inside, he set fire to his house one night and completely destroyed it. The location has since been referred to as the “Gates of Hell” in the state of Colorado. There have been a great number of accounts of hauntings coming from the area along Riverdale Road close to the gates. There have been innumerable car accidents on the road, which some people believe are caused by spirits.

These photographs were uploaded to Reddit in April of 2024 and shared with the Paranormal community. The attention of folks who are passing by ought to be easily captured by a couple of mysterious messages that are placed on cautionary yellow signs. A statement is made that “Hitchhikers May Be Demons.” It is said by the other that “this road is cursed.”

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Beware the Cottonwood Trees of Riverdale Road

Another urban legend asserts that if one travels along Riverdale Road during a full moon, they will come across bodies that are suspended from the cottonwood trees that are located close to the known “Gates of Hell.” Is there any other myth or folklore that you have heard about the Riverdale Road in Colorado? You may share the spooky experience by using our station app.


Riverdale Road in Colorado is known for its haunting history, with reports of ghost joggers and ghouls. The road is also known for car accidents and ghostly incidents. Two new signs have surfaced near the “Gates of Hell,” attracting attention from the paranormal community. Additionally, cautionary yellow signs warn of “demons” and “cursed roads.”

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