the Most Famous Celebrities Who Lives on Star Island Miami

Star Island is a man-made island situated in Miami, Florida. Discover a cozy, secure neighborhood with beautiful houses and luxurious living. Star Island is a popular choice for many athletes and celebrities because of its exclusive location near Miami Beach.

Star Island residents live just as extravagantly as the houses they inhabit. Let’s discuss some of the well-known residents of Star Island, from surgeons to singers.

Most Famous Celebrities Who Lives on Star Island

Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan lived in one of the earliest houses on Star Island, specifically at 1 Star Island. The singer once resided in and rented out this Floridian Villa, known as Nena’s Villa. If you wanted to rent a month in Gloria Estefan’s guest house, it would have set you back around $30,000. Sean Combs recently purchased this space.

Right now, Gloria Estefan and her husband, Emilio Estefan, live in a more recent home on Star Island. This pair is among the most well-known residents of Star Island and possesses multiple properties in the area.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is also among the well-known residents of Star Island. In 2020, she and Alex Rodriguez became residents of Star Island after purchasing a home overlooking the bay. This traditional Florida-style property was recently purchased for approximately $40 million.

Star Island has reached a new level of celebrity with the addition of the singer and actress. She will move back and forth between the various homes she shared with Alex Rodriguez, but their recent breakup might result in a sale.

Lisa Hochstein

One of the well-known residents of Star Island is Lisa Hochstein. Her residence gained popularity for its appearance on The Real Housewives of Miami. Lisa Hochstein resides in the same household as her husband, Leonard Hochstein, who is a plastic surgeon with substantial wealth. The home was once a beautiful classical building, but the Hochsteins decided to tear it down and reconstruct it in 2012.

Nevertheless, the house maintains a classical style and is highly regarded by the residents of Star Island. Chances are, we will see it on TV again in the future.

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Phillip Frost

Phillip Frost, a billionaire in the pharmaceutical industry, owns a stunning property on Star Island in Miami. He has investments in multiple companies like Protalix and MusclePharm, and has served on the board of Northrop Grumman.

He resides at 21 Star Island Drive, a spacious six-acre property on the island with ample room for the house, a large yard, and various features to enjoy both day and night. This location is one of the largest on the island in terms of its size.

Thomas Kramer

Thomas Kramer, a real-estate developer and entrepreneur, owns multiple properties on Star Island. His properties are famous for their unique aesthetic and for throwing the most extravagant events on the island. He has sold properties to previous buyers on this list.

Thomas Kramer’s gatherings have been featured on shows such as The Real Housewives of New York City. His Victorian decorating style really stands out compared to the other occupants in the private space.

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