The only In-N-Out restaurant in Oakland, California is closing because of crime

The In-N-Out Burger location in Oakland, California, is set to close its doors, marking a significant event in the city’s ongoing struggle with crime. After 18 years of operation, the fast-food chain has cited “ongoing issues with crime” as the primary reason for its closure. This decision, while primarily a business one, casts a spotlight on the broader context of safety concerns and crime rates in Oakland.

The Decision to Close

In-N-Out Burger’s Chief Operating Officer, Denny Warnick, announced that the company’s location at 8300 Oakport Street in Oakland will cease operations on March 24, 2024​​​​. The decision comes despite the restaurant’s profitability and longstanding presence in the community. The determining factor, as per Warnick’s statement, is the safety and wellbeing of both customers and associates, which the company feels cannot be assured in the current environment​​​​.

Crime Statistics at the Location

The closure decision is underpinned by alarming crime statistics associated with the restaurant’s location. Data collected by the San Francisco Chronicle shows that the In-N-Out on Oakport Street has experienced more reported crime incidents than any other address in Oakland since 2019.

The majority of these incidents, approximately 88%, are auto break-ins, often committed by individuals armed with guns or other weapons. Employees and customers have regularly been victims of car break-ins, property damage, theft, and armed robberies​​.

Contributing Factors to the Crime Surge

The specific location of the In-N-Out restaurant appears to have contributed to the high crime rate. Situated near the Oakland International Airport and adjacent to an I-880 on-ramp, the area is frequented by rental cars and out-of-state license plates, making it an attractive target for thieves. The ease of getaway provided by the nearby on-ramp further exacerbates the problem.

This part of Oakland, due to its high incidence of crime, especially targeting tourists, has been referred to as “the most dangerous square mile in America” by some reports​​.

Impact on the Community and Employees

The closure of In-N-Out is more than a loss of a dining option; it signifies a deeper community issue. The restaurant has been a part of Oakland’s fabric for nearly two decades, providing jobs and serving both locals and visitors. The closure negatively impacts the employees, who must now seek relocation to other branches or accept severance packages. The situation also reflects on the broader challenges that Oakland faces in terms of public safety and crime prevention​​​​.

Responses to the Crime Wave

The surge in criminal activities in Oakland has led to calls for significant action, including requests for Mayor Sheng Thao to declare a state of emergency. There is a growing concern among residents and businesses about the efficacy of current strategies to combat crime and ensure public safety. The closure of a high-profile business like In-N-Out adds urgency to these calls for action​​.

Broader Implications for Oakland

In-N-Out’s decision to close its Oakland location is a stark indicator of the challenges facing the city. It raises questions about the effectiveness of current crime prevention measures and the impact of rising crime rates on business confidence and the city’s economic health. The closure also prompts a discussion on the role of local governance in ensuring a safe and prosperous environment for businesses and residents alike.


The closure of In-N-Out in Oakland is a multifaceted issue, rooted in the city’s ongoing battle with rising crime rates. While the company’s decision is based on ensuring the safety of its employees and customers, it also highlights the broader challenges of maintaining public safety and fostering a conducive business environment.

This event serves as a call to action for Oakland’s leaders and community members to address the underlying causes of the crime surge and to work towards sustainable solutions.

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