The Owner of Junior’s Restaurant is cheesed off about quality of life in New York

According to the owner of one of New York City’s most famous restaurants, life in the city is very difficult and it is becoming even more challenging.

Alan Rosen, the owner of Junior’s Restaurant, would have firsthand knowledge. He is present at his three shops in downtown Brooklyn or Times Square every day. He said that residents are experiencing significant difficulties.

This is not a cheesecake. New York City’s product needs to be improved. It needs to be made smoother. “It needs a little shine,” said Rosen, who is 55 years old.

“You should alter the way you tell the story.” You need to alter or modify the way things are in the world. We want the city to provide a better product. He also has a problem with the seemingly lenient attitudes of New York politicians towards crime.

“When did it become acceptable to steal from a pharmacy?” Which society is it considered acceptable in? Rosen said in an exclusive interview with The Post that people should not be allowed to shoplift at CVS. “Stop!” There are no negative outcomes or punishments. “That’s part of the problem.”

He mentioned that he is worried about the safety of his workers when they finish work at night. He also mentioned that his daughter was randomly attacked in Bushwick last summer.

Rosen said that his restaurants used to stay open until the early morning hours before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, now they close before midnight during the week. These restaurants are frequently visited by important politicians like President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY). We are not comfortable. We don’t feel safe. “He said that we want our city back.”

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The owner of the third-generation Junior decided to talk to The Post after reading a front-page story last week. The story was about a survey conducted by the Citizens Budget Commission, which showed that New Yorkers believe things are worse today in almost every aspect compared to six years ago.

He mentioned the attack on police officers by migrants in Times Square last month, which happened near his two shops. He also mentioned the recent shooting on the A train subway. These incidents were “trigger points” that motivated him to speak out.

Rosen shared his thoughts on the major challenges that the city is currently facing:

  • The cashless bail law is seen as a problem because it allows some criminals to be released without having to pay bail, which means they can continue committing crimes.

“He said that judges should have the power to decide whether to send people back to jail.” “We’re allowing a few individuals to ruin the reputation of the entire group.”

  • Criminals are becoming more confident because they feel that the police are not being supported or respected enough.

Our police have been limited in their actions. We need to increase the number of police officers! “We should refund the police, not defund the police,” he said.

  • The proposed $15 fee to enter Midtown is considered to be unreasonable.

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