The Primanti Bros. Sandwich Becomes the Coolest Thing Made In Pennsylvania

Firstly, what does “cool” mean? Are we referring to being “cool” like Fonzie? If that’s true, Martin Guitars should easily beat Primanti sandwiches by a large margin.

If we’re talking about being “cool” in the way Fonzie defined it, playing a good guitar made by PA can help you attract romantic partners, while eating a greasy sandwich will probably give you an upset stomach.

Tell me which one you think is cooler. So if that’s not how things turned out. I believe that people did not vote based on the Fonzarelli Laws of Coolness. Instead, they simply voted for things they liked, regardless of how cool they were.

Okay, we can do that. That’s why we have a championship matchup between Reese’s and Primanti sandwiches instead of a Martin Guitars and Yuengling Lager showdown.

Pro-Primanti Results

My main issue is that these results don’t match what I’ve discovered through extensive real-life research.

If you were to ask a group of people whether they like Primanti sandwiches or not, the response would likely be evenly divided, with half of the people saying yes and the other half saying no. They are causing strong divisions or disagreements.

If you mention the Reese’s Peanut Butter cup in the same way, most people would be excited and happy about it. However, there might be one person who claims to have a nut allergy and another person who disagrees just to seem cool and different. The Reese’s Cup would be very popular if we simply asked a random group of people on the street.

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But not in this location. Not inside these brackets. I don’t mean to imply that something suspicious is happening, but I think there is a group of dedicated fans of soggy sandwiches who are voting excessively. I understand that the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry is well-managed, but maybe we should pause and think about the integrity of bracket voting.

Congratulations to Primanti Bros. and its fans for making it through the bracket after a tough competition. I might not agree with it, but they had a really successful year where they had to compete against PA-Made steel, Zippo lighters, Eat’n Park cookies, Sarris candies chocolates, and Mrs. T’s. It was a difficult area to navigate, but I think if Johnny had encountered Yuengling Lager, it would have resolved the situation.

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