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The Top 10 Dangerous Places in Michigan

The Top 10 Dangerous Places in Michigan

Michigan, known for its stunning Great Lakes and vibrant cities, unfortunately, is not immune to crime. In 2024, several cities in Michigan are grappling with high crime rates, making them some of the most dangerous places in the state. This article delves into the top 10 dangerous cities in Michigan, exploring the challenges they face and the efforts to mitigate crime.

1. Benton Harbor

Benton Harbor, despite its small population, experiences crime rates reflecting a larger community. The city reports approximately 647 crimes annually, predominantly theft, burglary, and assault, including robbery, rape, and murder.

2. Flint

Flint is notorious for its water crisis and high crime rate. The city, with around 100,000 residents lacking access to clean water, reports 4,500 crimes annually, including 1,400 assaults. Flint’s situation is exacerbated by socio-economic challenges, leading to high crime rates.

3. Saginaw

Saginaw, with an appealing exterior of a good economy and diverse population, faces 400 burglaries and 654 assaults annually. This city is a paradoxical mix of affordability and high crime rates, making it a place to reconsider for residence.

4. Albion

Albion’s unsettling factor isn’t just its property crime rate of 3,751 per 100,000 people but also its high concentration of registered sex offenders, amounting to about 2% of the town’s population.

5. Pontiac

Pontiac, once a flourishing city due to General Motors, now faces a crime rate 125% higher than the national average, with violent crimes four times the national average.

6. Jackson

In Jackson, a third of residents live below the poverty level, significantly higher than the national average. This contributes to its high violent and property crime rates, with an individual facing a 1 in 23 chance of property crime and 1 in 84 chance of physical assault.

7. Romulus

Romulus, in Wayne County, has a crime rate of 2,769 per 100,000 population, higher than both Michigan and US averages. The city is challenged by a mix of violent and property crimes.

8. Lansing

Lansing’s crime rate stands at 3,028 per 100,000 population, indicating a significant safety concern compared to both state and national averages.

9. East Lansing

Sharing similar crime rates with Lansing, East Lansing also faces significant safety challenges, with a crime rate of 3,028 per 100,000 population.

10. Flint Township

Flint Township, with a violent crime rate of 799 incidents per 100,000 people annually, faces similar challenges as its neighboring city Flint, including high poverty levels and economic hardship.


While these cities face significant challenges, it’s essential to recognize the efforts made to improve safety and reduce crime. Community programs, police recruitment, and training, and economic development initiatives are underway in many of these areas. However, for travelers and potential residents, it’s crucial to stay informed about these areas’ safety conditions and take necessary precautions.

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