Home Local News The Top 10 Horror Places in Detroit: A Journey Through the City’s Haunted History

The Top 10 Horror Places in Detroit: A Journey Through the City’s Haunted History

The Top 10 Horror Places in Detroit: A Journey Through the City’s Haunted History

Detroit, a city with a rich and complex history, is also home to some of the most hauntingly beautiful and terrifying places in Michigan. As of 2024, the city’s eerie past continues to captivate and terrify locals and visitors alike. This article explores the top horror places in Detroit, each with its own spine-chilling story.

1. The Alhambra Building

The Alhambra Building is infamous for a 1904 poisoning incident, where arsenic was slipped into the food of over 40 families, leading to two deaths. To this day, visitors report sensing the presence of departed spirits, making it a chilling destination for ghost enthusiasts​​.

2. The Whitney

Once a grand home to a lumber tycoon, The Whitney has transformed into a popular restaurant haunted by its past. Apparitions, rearranged place settings, and unexplained shadows are regularly reported, making it a hotspot for paranormal activity​​​​.

3. The Masonic Temple

Known for its hidden rooms and secret staircases, the Masonic Temple is a playground for spirits. Paranormal phenomena reported here include slamming doors and icy touches by unseen hands. The spirit of George D Mason, who built the temple and jumped to his death from its roof, is said to haunt the premises​​​​.

4. Cadieux Café

Dining at the Cadieux Café can be a hair-raising experience. Patrons report paranormal occurrences like moving objects, terrifying apparitions, and touches by unseen hands. The spirit of the owner’s mother is frequently sighted at the bar​​​​.

5. Historic Fort Wayne

Although no battle occurred here, Fort Wayne is a site of many hauntings, primarily soldiers who served at the fort. The Visitor’s Center and especially the restroom are known for ghostly activities​​.

6. Elmwood Cemetery

As one of Michigan’s oldest cemeteries and the site of the Battle of Bloody Run, Elmwood Cemetery is home to numerous apparitions of soldiers among the gravestones. The cemetery’s tragic history makes it a haven for ghostly sightings​​​​.

7. Two-Way Inn

Detroit’s oldest bar, the Two-Way Inn, has a history as a brothel, jail, and speakeasy. The spirits of Colonel Philetus Norris, the original owner, and others haunt this establishment, known for various paranormal occurrences​​​​.

8. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra Building

The ghost of Russian pianist Ossip Gabrilowitsch, who worked with the DSO in the early 1900s, is said to haunt the building. Visitors and staff have reported seeing his apparition and hearing disembodied voices and unexplained sounds​​.

9. St. Aubin House

The site of a gruesome murder in 1929, where the severed head of cult leader Benny Evangelist was found, St. Aubin House is steeped in a dark history. The unsolved crime

and the subsequent presence of spirits make it a terrifying location for those brave enough to explore its past​​​​.

10. Eloise Asylum

Located just outside Detroit, Eloise Asylum was once the largest psychiatric hospital in the country. Now abandoned, it is a hub for paranormal investigations, with reports of apparitions, eerie sounds, and a general sense of unease that pervades the sprawling campus​​.


Detroit’s haunted locations provide a window into the city’s past, blending historical significance with tales of the supernatural. These sites, each with their own chilling stories, continue to fascinate and terrify those drawn to the darker side of history. Whether you’re a seasoned ghost hunter or simply intrigued by the paranormal, Detroit’s horror places offer a spine-tingling journey you won’t soon forget.

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