Home Local News The Top 13 Safest Places in Detroit: Discovering Tranquility in the Motor City

The Top 13 Safest Places in Detroit: Discovering Tranquility in the Motor City

The Top 13 Safest Places in Detroit: Discovering Tranquility in the Motor City

Detroit, often portrayed in a negative light due to its crime rates, also boasts many neighborhoods that offer safety, community, and charm. This article will explore the safest places in Detroit as of 2024, providing insights into the unique characteristics that make these areas appealing for residents and visitors alike.

An Overview of Detroit’s Safer Neighborhoods

1. Palmer Woods

Palmer Woods stands out as the safest neighborhood in Detroit. This historic area, known for its Tudor Revival architecture, boasts a crime rate 10% lower than the national average, with about 2,059 crimes per 100K people. Its close proximity to the Detroit Golf Club and the presence of many city professionals make it an ideal residential area​​.

2. Midtown

Midtown offers a vibrant blend of shops, eateries, and cultural amenities like the Motown Museum and the Detroit Institute of Arts. It’s an ideal location for young professionals and artists, with a crime rate less than the national average. The area also boasts excellent schools, including Hamtramck and Henry Ford Academy​​​​.

3. Downtown Detroit

Surprisingly, Downtown Detroit is safer than many might expect, with its crime rate 5% lower than the national average. The area is known for landmarks such as the Renaissance Center and the Detroit Institute of Arts. The strong police presence contributes to its safety​​.

4. Berkley

Berkley, a city in Oakland County, is a family-friendly area with a crime index of 73, meaning it’s safer than 73% of U.S. cities. It’s characterized by single-family homes and a short commute to downtown Detroit, with a robust public school system​​.

5. Grosse Pointe

Grosse Pointe offers a serene and safe environment, with an average of only five violent crimes and 98 property crimes annually. Known for its old colonial-style houses and member-only establishments like yacht clubs, it’s a walkable city with excellent schools​​​​.

6. Bingham Farms

Bingham Farms is a small neighborhood with a crime rate 86% lower than the Michigan average. Its charm lies in its historical significance and the preservation of its unique characteristics. The majority of its population are seniors​​.

7. Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is a pet-friendly and family-oriented neighborhood, with a violent crime rate 77% lower and a property crime rate 58% lower than the national average. It’s well-known for its safe, quiet environment and friendly neighbors​​.

8. Huntington Woods

Huntington Woods boasts a crime rate 75% lower than the national average. It’s a family-friendly neighborhood with a strong sense of community and is home to part of the Detroit Zoo. The area is known for its parks and grocery stores within walking distance​​.

9. Boston Edison

Boston Edison, a historical district with over 900 homes, is known for its sizable houses and walkable feel. It’s an ideal location for families and young professionals, offering proximity to downtown Detroit and major shopping districts​​.

10. Corktown

Corktown, Detroit’s oldest extant neighborhood, is witnessing exciting redevelopment due to its adjacency to Ford Motor Co.’s tech campus. The area is in high demand for its historic Victorian townhouses and vibrant restaurants​​​​.

11. University District

The University District is attracting local celebrities and young families with its grandiose homes and community amenities like golf courses and community gardens. It’s known for its educational institutions and architectural beauty​​.

12. Milwaukee Junction/North End

These neighboring districts are known for their mutual history and recent redevelopment. They are attracting a growing number of young renters and homeowners, drawn to the area’s style, cultural organizations, and nightlife​​.

13. Marina District, Rivertown, and New Center

These neighborhoods, including Marina District, Rivertown, and New Center, are also among the safest in Detroit. They offer a variety of living experiences from riverfront views to historic architecture and strong local economies​​.


Detroit’s safer neighborhoods demonstrate the city’s resilience and potential for growth and revitalization. From historic districts to family-friendly suburbs, these areas offer a higher quality of life and safety, contradicting the often negative portrayal of the city. As Detroit continues to evolve, these neighborhoods stand as beacons of hope and progress.

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