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The Top 9 Wealthiest Cities in Michigan: An In-Depth Look

The Top 9 Wealthiest Cities in Michigan: An In-Depth Look

Michigan, known for its Great Lakes and industrial heritage, is also home to some of the wealthiest cities in the United States. This article explores these affluent communities, highlighting their economic status, lifestyle, and unique characteristics.

1. Bloomfield Hills

Bloomfield Hills, with a median household income of $178,894 and average home prices of $599,900, stands as Michigan’s richest city. The residents enjoy lower than expected mortgage payments, with most employed in finance, insurance, and real estate. The city offers an ideal blend of high income and affordable living costs​​.

2. Grosse Pointe Shores

Grosse Pointe Shores showcases a median household income of $161,944 and a median home value of $733,364. Nearly 93.3% of its residents own their homes, reflecting its affluence. The city is known for its scenic Lake St. Clair waterfront and historic landmarks like Windmill Point Park​​.

3. Grosse Pointe Farms

With a median income of $143,711, Grosse Pointe Farms is another wealthy city in Michigan. The typical home costs about $535,000, and the area is known for its beautiful architecture and waterfront scenes. It offers multiple parks and public beaches, making it a desirable location for affluent families​​.

4. East Grand Rapids

East Grand Rapids boasts a median household income of $135,631. It’s a community with a strong sense of belonging, luxurious homes, and plenty of amenities, including parks and a beach. The city is a favorite among business leaders and politicians for its mix of urban and natural settings​​.

5. Huntington Woods

Huntington Woods features a median household income of $136,331, with an average monthly housing cost of $1,329. It stands out for its cultural diversity, offering a rich blend of different ethnicities and lifestyles. This diversity adds to the city’s appeal as a wealthy yet culturally vibrant place to live​​.

6. Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills in Michigan, not to be confused with its Californian namesake, has a median household income of $129,196. The city is notable for its high home prices, averaging around $4.8 million, and unique regulations, such as age restrictions for homeowners and a pet-free policy. It’s a haven for affluent retirees looking for a serene lifestyle​​.

7. Birmingham

Birmingham, with a median household income of $122,804, is a rich yet costly city to live in. The city is divided into distinct neighborhoods, each offering unique shopping and dining experiences. Birmingham also provides ample green spaces and cultural attractions like the Birmingham Museum and Cranbrook Institute of Science​​.

8. Northville

Northville’s median family income is $114,346. The city is known for its low crime rate and high educational attainment among residents. It appeals to young professionals with its array of bars, eateries, and vibrant city life. Northville combines affluence with a strong community feel, making it a desirable place for many​​.

9. Troy

Troy, with a median income of $101,882, is not just wealthy but also offers an upscale lifestyle. It boasts world-class dining, shopping, and an active community life with parks and bike paths. The city is attractive to entrepreneurs due to its low taxes, low crime rates, and high-quality schools​​.


Michigan’s wealthiest cities, from Bloomfield Hills to Troy, offer a glimpse into the state’s diverse and affluent communities. These cities are not only economically prosperous but also culturally rich, providing a high quality of life for their residents. From historic waterfront properties to bustling urban centers, Michigan’s richest cities represent the pinnacle of luxury and comfort in the Great Lakes State.

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