These 8 Weirdest Laws in Arizona State Can Shock You Everytime

Arizona has many incredible sites, such as the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam, the O.K. Corral, and the red-rock buttes of Sedona. But Arizona has more than just natural beauty that makes it unique.

The state also has some very unusual laws in effect. It’s generally a good idea to use common sense and be respectful to avoid getting into trouble. However, it’s also interesting to know about these eight unusual laws.

Weirdest Laws in Arizona State

Street Racing Is Legal

Street racing is a type of illegal activity that young people engage in, often risking their lives. In Arizona, an event is considered legal if both the landowner and the proper authorities give their approval. If you like going fast, Arizona is the perfect place for you.

No Fixing the Crane Games

Have you ever played a crane game and felt like it was unfair to you? Arizona has made it illegal to cheat at crane games by manipulating them to always win. Game owners need to make sure that all prizes are placed where the crane can reach them and that the values of the prizes are represented accurately.

No Spitting in Public

If you’re in Goodyear, AZ, it’s important to know that spitting on public sidewalks or crosswalks is not allowed. It may be a health risk and a good idea to avoid it, but it’s still strange to think that you could get arrested for doing something that is common in most places.

Don’t Pass the Barricade

If the police in Arizona block off a flooded street and you choose to drive around the barricade, you should be prepared to pay $2,000 in cash to the state. This means that from now on, you will have to pay for your own rescue, which includes the cost of an ambulance ride. What’s even worse is that your insurance might not pay for it.

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Bolo Ties Are the Official State Neckwear

Arizona is possibly the only state in the United States that has a law declaring an official state neckwear. You can now exchange your favorite necktie for a bolo tie. Bolo ties are made of long leather cords that have a decorative ornament clasp. When you wear a bolo tie, it might boost your confidence to know that it was inspired by a weapon used by American pioneers.

Pigs Can’t Eat Trash

In Arizona, it is acceptable for pigs to eat slop, but it is not permitted to feed them trash. If you want to feed garbage to a pig, you will need to get a license for it at your place. Meanwhile, you will need to find another method to get rid of those full bags in your kitchen.

Traffic Laws Apply to Animal Riders

Can you picture getting a DUI while riding a horse? In Arizona, motorists and horseback riders have to follow the same traffic protections and laws. This means that you have to stop your horse at red lights and stop signs, just like everyone else has to stop their cars. According to this law, other people are responsible for not scaring your horse, so that it doesn’t run around uncontrollably in public.

Don’t Unearth That Rare Cactus

Arizona lawmakers highly value cacti. One type of cactus, called the Saguaro, is highly cherished. In fact, if you cut one down or dig it up, you could be sentenced to more than twenty years in prison. Imagine having to tell your family that you won’t be able to see them for another 25 years because you decided to add a cactus to your landscaping.

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