These are 5 Most Fascinating Abandoned Places in Entire Texas

Texas has a wide range of landscapes, history, and culture, including many abandoned locations that hold stories of the past and future. These locations, ranging from ancient forts and schools to hotels and amusement parks, are filled with their own intriguing stories and mysteries. Discover five intriguing abandoned locations in Texas, ideal for adventurers and mystery enthusiasts.

Located in Mineral Wells, the Baker Hotel

In 1929, the Baker Hotel was a luxurious retreat for celebrities, politicians, and wellness seekers in Mineral Wells. The hotel had 450 rooms, a spa, a ballroom, a bowling alley, and a rooftop pool. Stories of ghostly figures haunt the location, such as the hotel owner’s tragic mistress jumping from the 12th floor.

Unfortunately, the Baker Hotel closed down in 1972 due to years of deterioration. However, restoration efforts strive to bring back this historical treasure, safeguarding its classic beauty.

Mariscal Mine located in Big Bend National Park

Howard Perry founded the Mariscal Mine in 1900, which quickly became one of the country’s most productive mercury mines. Operating until 1943, it manufactured more than 1,000 flasks of mercury for various applications such as thermometers, batteries, and explosives.

The mine stopped operating after World War II, leaving a collection of buildings and equipment. Today, it is located within Big Bend National Park, inviting interested visitors to discover its ruins and understand its historical importance.

Check out the Futuro House in Royse City!

The futuristic Futuro House, created by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen in the late 1960s, looked like a flying saucer. These prefabricated fiberglass-reinforced homes were created for simple transportation and living, but they failed to become popular because of their expensive price and limited availability.

There is a lone surviving Futuro House in Royse City, Texas, currently being used as a storage shed. It still showcases the distinctive blue and green colors from its time.

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Waco’s Branch Davidian Swimming Pool

The Branch Davidian Swimming Pool is a solemn reminder of the events that took place in 1993. It is located at the Mount Carmel Center in Waco. A conflict between the religious group and government officials resulted in a tragic outcome, with 76 lives lost in the fire. Constructed in 1992 for the sect’s children, this pool now stands as a solemn memorial, adorned with graffiti and scattered debris, serving as a reminder of the tragic events that took place.

Discover the Water Wonderland in Odessa

Water Wonderland was established in Odessa in 1980, providing a variety of attractions including water slides, wave pools, go-karts, and arcades. A beloved summer destination for both residents and visitors, the location faced financial difficulties and legal troubles before shutting down in 2003. The park appears abandoned with rusty rides, vacant pools, and damaged structures. Several development ideas have been put forward, but none have been realized, leaving the park in a state of uncertainty.


Explore these deserted Texas spots for a peek into the diverse history, culture, and society of the state. What makes them captivating is not only their mysterious tales but also the way nature slowly takes back what humans abandoned. These sites are fragile and susceptible to harm, theft, and deterioration, so if you choose to visit them, please be mindful and careful. Even though these locations are deserted, they are still full of vitality and stories.

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