6 Most Liberal Cities in Idaho for 2024

Idaho is often seen as having a strong conservative presence, but it actually has a diverse mix of political beliefs. For individuals interested in purchasing a new property or renters seeking a place that aligns with their values, it’s crucial to consider the political landscape of a city before finalizing a decision.

This article explores the most progressive cities in Idaho by examining their political leanings, the amenities they offer, and the unique qualities that make them attractive to those with left-leaning views.

Most Liberal Cities in Idaho

Garden City

Garden City, located just a few miles outside of Boise, boasts a vibrant arts community that frequently hosts innovative platforms for discussions. The city strongly promotes inclusivity, with various community groups advocating for LGBTQ+ rights and racial parity.

Garden City hosts non-profit organizations focused on social justice issues such as affordable housing and food security. The city hosts vibrant arts and cultural events to reflect its socially conscious community, with numerous celebrations throughout the year that embrace diversity and encourage open dialogue. The garden falls just short of claiming the top spot on the list of the most progressive cities in Idaho.


Boise stands out as the most liberal city in Idaho. As the capital and largest city, Boise boasts a sizable population and a variety of cultural activities that contribute to its progressive vibe. Beginning with the vibrant enthusiasm and educational impact linked to progressive perspectives provided by Boise State University.

There are numerous sustainability initiatives throughout the city aimed at reducing its carbon footprint, indicating a strong interest in sustainability. There is a variety of social justice community organizations in the city, advocating for LGBTQ+ rights and racial equality. If you’re looking for a city in Idaho that aligns with your liberal beliefs, Boise is the clear option.

Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls is a city that has been gradually shifting towards the liberal side of the political spectrum, but it remains a diverse mix politically, with a burgeoning progressive community making strides in local politics.

The city is renowned for its focus on environmental conservation and preservation, with many well-maintained parks, natural reserves, and protected areas. There is a strong sense of community within the city, evident through the presence of many volunteer organizations addressing social justice issues.

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Sun Valley

Given Sun Valley’s status as a popular tourist spot, the city is often associated with liberal views. Promoting sustainable living is a top priority due to the focus on conserving the environment.

It also features a vibrant arts and culture community that promotes progressive discussions to enhance social revitalization. Several community organizations focus on promoting justice, including gender equality and racial inclusivity. If you’re looking for a city that supports progressive ideals, Sun Valley should be at the top of your list.


Ketchum is often linked with a more liberal lifestyle, largely because of its appeal to tourists. This city is highly involved in environmental conservation through sustainable initiatives. It boasts a vibrant arts and culture scene that introduces cutting-edge topics for discussion within its community.

Ketchum is home to many organizations focused on social justice, covering topics like gender equality and racial inclusiveness. If you’re searching for a town that welcomes progressive ideals, Ketchum could be a fantastic place to think about relocating to.


Meridian, a city in the Boise metropolitan area, is undergoing significant growth and demographic shifts, leading to a more liberal outlook. The community prioritizes engaging with its members through various platforms and events to encourage civic participation.

Furthermore, Meridian is home to various non-profit organizations dedicated to a range of social justice issues. Various issues, such as mental health awareness and affordable housing, are being tackled by these organizations in Meridian. The city is also cultivating an arts scene with numerous galleries and theaters showcasing work aimed at promoting progressive themes.

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