These are the Most Liberal Cities in Montana

Welcome to this comprehensive guide of the most liberal cities in Montana. If you are a property owner searching for a new place to live or someone interested in finding communities with similar interests, this list provides useful information about each city’s political atmosphere, cultural activities, and community involvement. It will help you make an informed decision before making any moves. Okay, let’s get started.

Most Liberal Cities in Montana for 2024

Great Falls

Great Falls is a city located along the Missouri River. It has been becoming more liberal in recent times. The community is very diverse, with many new people moving in who have different worldviews and values. There are no large liberal organizations in town, so many smaller groups are working on projects related to social justice and environmental sustainability.

The local government supports these projects by providing funding to different community development initiatives that represent more progressive values. Great Falls is a great place for liberals to live because it values both social and environmental justice.


Billings is ranked as the top city on the list. It holds this position because it is the biggest city in Montana and also because it has the most progressive urban center compared to other cities in the state. Billings has been a leader in social justice initiatives and environmental sustainability due to its diversity and strong economy.

Some organizations are focused on making sure everyone is treated fairly and included, while there are also community-led efforts to make the city more environmentally friendly. The local government has been very supportive of local efforts in both areas. They have created ways to provide resources and funding for projects that align with liberal values. Billings is considered the most liberal city in Montana because it prioritizes social justice and environmental responsibility.

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Missoula is known for being a liberal city and is home to the University of Montana. The city’s major educational institution has an impact on the political climate, creating an environment that encourages different perspectives. The city is strongly focused on sustainability, with many initiatives aimed at reducing its carbon footprint.

The local government offers grants and incentives to businesses that adopt eco-friendly practices. People who have liberal beliefs will find many things in Missoula that they will appreciate, such as its progressive point of view and commitment to taking care of the environment.


Helena is the capital city of Montana. It is known for its active political scene and tends to have a strong liberal leaning due to its role as the seat of government. This city is full of multiculturalism. Many people have immigrated here and bring their diverse views to mix with others.

Many schools are now teaching climate change or social justice curricula instead of traditional subjects, showing a progressive approach to education. Local governments have been helping these progressive educational efforts by giving money and other things to schools that promote what some people might call a liberal agenda.


Whitefish, which is located near the well-known Glacier National Park, has a thriving arts community. This community promotes liberal ideas through its numerous galleries and theaters. The city also has a lively social scene, with many organizations working to promote environmental sustainability and social justice in their own areas.

Actually, a large part of the local government has been dedicated to providing financial support for community development projects that prioritize liberal principles.


The city of Livingston, located along the Yellowstone River, has been very involved in promoting social justice. The city is home to a powerful group of activists who work on important issues like affordable housing, racial equality, and LGBTQ+ rights. The local government in Livingston has been supporting these initiatives for a while. They have implemented several policies to address these concerns.

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