These are top-paying U.S. cities where women outearn men

According to a new report by GoBankingRates using Census Bureau data, women earn more than men in only 42 out of 1,800 cities across the United States.

The report looks at how much money men and women make each year in cities with at least 20,000 people. These are the top 10 cities where women earn more than men:

  • Bowie, Md.: Women earn a median $81,011 a year
  • Clinton, Md.: Women earn a median $71,123 a year
  • Fort Washington, Md.: Women earn a median $69,983 a year
  • Oakland, Calif.: Women earn a median $68,260 a year
  • Goleta, Calif.: Women earn a median $65,030 a year
  • Laurel, Md.: Women earn a median $65,008 a year
  • Monrovia, Calif.: Women earn a median $62,016 a year
  • Hackensack, N.J.: Women earn a median $60,237 a year
  • Newark, Del.: Women earn a median $58,769 a year
  • Chamblee, Ga.: Women earn a median $58,590 a year

Women in these cities earn between 0.14% to 18.95% more than men. On average, women in the U.S. are paid only 84 cents for every $1 paid to a man.

Several cities near Washington D.C. have achieved gender parity and offer better earning opportunities for women. This is likely because government jobs in these cities have more transparent pay practices, leading to greater gender pay equality, although some gap still remains.

Located at No. 4, Oakland, California is the biggest city on the list, with a population of almost 360,000 people. Women in that place earn a median of $68,200 per year, slightly more than men who earn $68,100 per year. There is no gender pay gap in these cities, but this alone does not mean that women have equal earning opportunities.

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“Our research shows that salaries are relatively low in the few cities where women are earning more than men,” says Andrew Murray, the lead data researcher at GoBankingRates, in an interview with CNBC Make It. “Many of the cities on our list have median earnings for women ranging from $30,000 to $40,000.”

“This is especially important because there is usually a smaller difference in pay between genders among lower-paid workers, especially those who earn the minimum wage, compared to higher-paid workers who are paid by the hour,” Murray explains.

Many women, especially women of color, make up a large portion of workers in jobs that pay the minimum wage. Studies indicate that increasing the federal minimum wage would significantly help in decreasing poverty rates for women and children in households led by women.

The city where women earn the highest compared to men is Jacksonville, North Carolina. However, the actual salary figures in this city are much lower. Women in this area earn about 20% more than men, making around $33,000 per year compared to men who earn about $27,000 per year. However, both of these amounts are lower than the national median salary of $59,540 per year.

According to Murray, in Jacksonville, there are many government employees working for the military and Department of Defense. This could be one of the reasons why there is more equal pay in the city.

According to GoBankingRates, women earn the highest salaries in five cities in the United States. These cities are Los Altos, California (with a median salary of $150,000), Saratoga, California ($140,000), McLean, Virginia ($137,000), San Carlos, California ($137,000), and Wellesley, Massachusetts ($130,000). However, men earn 60% to 70% more than women in each of these cities.

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