These are U.S. Cities With the Shortest Life Spans

Everyone desires to have a long and healthy life, but unfortunately, it is not attainable for everyone. It’s possible, but many of us choose not to take care of our bodies properly, which leads to a shorter lifespan. Many people in different parts of the country don’t live long enough because they have unhealthy habits. They drink, smoke, don’t exercise, don’t eat well, and don’t get enough sleep. This is because they are lazy and don’t do what they should do. However, the people living in these cities have a significantly shorter lifespan compared to the rest of the country.

U.S. Cities With the Shortest Life Spans

Washington, Mississippi – 71 years

The residents of this tiny town have a shorter lifespan. We don’t know why they don’t live for a long time, but we know that they don’t. In this small area of Mississippi, most people agree that the reason why people here have shorter lifespans compared to other places is because of the limited access to quality healthcare, a high number of people living in poverty, and a significant portion of the population not taking good care of their health.

Richmond City, Virginia – 71 years

Living a long life is harder in this area compared to other places in the country, where people tend to die at a younger age. Many people believe that the lack of resources and information in this area makes it difficult for people to live healthy lives. As a result, they tend to live about five years less than people in other parts of the country where healthcare and healthy lifestyle choices are more common.

Pemiscot, Missouri – 70 years

Missouri is a state with cities that vary in what they have to offer. This means that the people in this small area of the state are more likely to die at a younger age compared to others. One possible reason could be that there are many people who live in poverty and are unable to take care of themselves well enough to live past the age of 70. Regardless, it is a matter that people in the area are aware of and extremely concerned about.

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Phillips, Arkansas – 69 years

The life expectancy in this town in Arkansas is very low. Although many people may think that 69 is a young age, it is not considered very young in this context. The average age at which people die is not very old. There are many reasons, but it’s safe to say that living in a bigger city like San Francisco might be a better choice for those who want to live longer than 69 years. Living here does not guarantee a long and prosperous life, but your chances are much lower.

Baltimore City, Maryland – 68 years

Baltimore is the 26th state with the highest population in the country. Therefore, it is not surprising that people here do not live forever. However, they do not live as long as they are expected to. The average lifespan of 68 years is much lower compared to most other cities in the country. This significantly impacts how people live their lives. The high crime rate in the city might be the reason why people don’t live very long here.

Bennett, South Dakota – 66 years

What makes Bennett interesting is that it is more than just a city or a town. It’s a county that includes multiple cities, towns, and areas all together. However, considering the size of an entire county, one would anticipate a large population. Surprisingly, this place only has around 3,400 residents across all its cities, towns, and areas. That means the life span here is very short because there aren’t many people to compare it to, unlike in other areas.

Washabaugh, South Dakota – 66 years

At one point, it was its own county, but that didn’t last very long. Currently, it is a small area in South Dakota with a population of only a few thousand people. Unfortunately, most residents only live for about 66 years before passing away. This means that people in these cities have a life expectancy that is almost 20 years shorter than those in cities with the longest life expectancies. This is a very surprising and alarming statistic.

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