These Famous Celebrities are Living in Beverly Hills

“Beverly Hills, that’s the place I want to be!” said every celebrity ever, or at least it seems that way. Weezer accurately portrayed this area of Los Angeles as being popular among actors and pop stars. Many famous celebrities love living in this beautiful and luxurious area. These are the most well-known individuals who reside in Beverly Hills.

Celebrities Who Live in Beverly Hills

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is the most famous celebrity who lives in Beverly Hills. He is very well-known and easily recognized by many people around the world, and for good reason. He is famous for his notable performances in Titanic and his talent for effortlessly transitioning from a charming leading man to an action-packed hero.


Adele, a popular British singer, became well-liked on the Top 40 charts. She earned a lot of money and chose to live in Beverly Hills. The value of her home is more than $50 million. It was previously owned by the famous Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone. Some houses have a special appeal to famous and wealthy people.

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen, who is openly gay, has gained a large fan base due to her TV show and comedy. Even though she has had some controversies in the past, it is evident that she has a strong affection for the LA area, and it reciprocates that love. She really likes Beverly Hills.

Jack Nicholson

This actor has been popular in movies for a long time, but now he has been retired and staying at home for a while. Jack Nicholson has properties in various locations throughout the country, but he spends most of his time in Beverly Hills.

He has been living on Mulholland Drive since 1969. Although he may have purchased other houses to expand his property, he still prefers his favorite and original location.

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Jessica Alba

Can Jessica Alba do everything? She is an actress, a model, and a smart businesswoman who can handle anything. She is very good at living a glamorous life, so it’s not surprising that she prefers to live in Beverly Hills.

She bought her home with the intention of keeping her privacy and identity secret. She lives in a secure neighborhood called North Beverly Park that has a guard at the entrance.

John Legend

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are a well-known celebrity couple who live in Beverly Hills. They are a famous couple in Hollywood and live together in Beverly Hills. The two actually received their home from fellow superstar Rihanna. Their house was bought for $14 million and was sold in 2021. The home tour became popular online and featured a special tree dedicated to baby Jack.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera may be small in size, but everyone agrees that her voice is powerful! The pop star and TV show host from the 90s became very well-known after being a member of the Mickey Mouse Club. Even though she may not be as involved in the public eye right now, she still maintains her lifestyle in Beverly Hills. Her home is very large, measuring 11,000 square feet, and is located in the well-known Mulholland Estates.

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