These Most Famous Celebrities live in Naples, Florida

Most people know by now that Florida is a popular place for famous people to live. Tourists are becoming more interested in famous home tours, and there are many stories about celebrity drama that happen in the state. Discover some of the most famous people who live in Naples, Florida, by reading on. A lot of people think that famous people only go to Tampa, Miami, or Orlando. People connect those places with the life of a famous person who has everything they need and does everything they should to become famous.

Famous Celebrities Who live in Naples, Florida

Bob Seger

Seger may be better known for living in Michigan, but don’t be surprised if you see him here. In addition to his many properties, Seger owns a number of other assets. He owns a summer home in Naples, among other places.

Seger is sometimes seen in the area, but not much is known about what he does there. That makes sense. He does spend most of his time in cold places. It’s nice to get away from snow every once in a while, and Naples is a great place to do that.

Mary Carillo

When Mary Carillo was a sports writer in New York and a professional tennis player around the world, she became well-known. After some time getting used to her new home, she was able to leave the city. Kind of. Because of her work responsibilities, Carillo can’t leave New York for good just yet. She spends about equal amounts of time in Naples and New York City. She doesn’t really like New York, that much. Naples is where she wants to live.

Brett Baier

Brett Baier is another well-known FOX name that you may know. This FOX host didn’t choose to live in Naples all the time like Hannity did. That being said, he did buy a summer home in Naples so that he could visit his parents and in-laws, who live there. If Baier is ready to buy a condo in that area, it’s clear that he cares about his family, whether you like it or not. Naples has been good to the Baiers, that much is clear.

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Mike Ditka

People who like sports may know that Dave Wannstedt used to be the head coach of the Chicago Bears. It looks like a lot of the team’s leaders are connected to Naples. Another former NFL head coach, Coach Mike Ditka, also claimed a home in the area.

Naples looks like one of the best places for NFL stars, especially coaches, to hang out. When everything is taken into account, one can only imagine how good their neighborhood sports teams are at getting new players.

Jane Seymour

In the 1990s, Jane Seymour was a big star on TV, especially among Western fans. She might walk the red carpet once in a while, but she’s really been a fan of Naples’ sun and surf for a long time. The same thing can be said about her: when she’s not on TV, she’s often seen around Naples. These days, most of her public events are focused on the art she’s making.

Judge Judy

The most well-known person who lives in Naples, Florida, is Judge Judy. She loves the state and has since the beginning of time. The judge who makes the most money in the world loves this place’s culture. People know her from hanging out in Jupiter and other places in Florida.

News sites say that Judge Judy is from Naples. She lives on Pelican Island, which is in a beautiful area. She often shops at the nearby stores to get clothes and anything else she wants that day.

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