These National Parks Have the Most EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common on American roads as more drivers look to lower their carbon footprint and save on fuel costs. The National Park Service is paying attention. Many national parks, such as Olympic and Acadia, now have EV charging stations to cater to guests with different types of vehicles.

There are 132 EV chargers spread out in 22 national parks throughout the country, making it convenient to explore America’s public lands in an electric vehicle. Some parks may have just one or two charging stations, while others could have up to six, with several chargers at each station. Chargers at national parks can differ as well; some parks have Level 2 chargers, while others provide DC Fast chargers for visitors.

National Parks with EV Charging Stations

Yellowstone National Park

America’s first national park is at the forefront of EV progress. Yellowstone National Park has around twelve chargers conveniently situated near popular spots such as Mammoth Hot Springs and the iconic Old Faithful geyser. That’s just the start—the National Park Service plans to turn Yellowstone into a center for EV use. Officials have started working on electrifying park vehicles to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Grand Canyon National Park

Each year, around 5 million people visit Grand Canyon National Park in northern Arizona. Many EV drivers can charge their vehicles at the Maswik Lodge or the Yavapai Lodge (although the Yavapai Lodge chargers are currently not in service) before taking the park’s shuttle bus. This will lead you to numerous breathtaking viewpoints and well-known hiking trails, ensuring you have plenty to keep you occupied while your car is charging. Keep in mind that the North Rim is quite remote and lacks EV chargers. The closest charging stations can be found in Fredonia and Marble Canyon, both over an hour away.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park has a higher number of chargers compared to many other national parks, likely due to its location in California, a state known for being EV-friendly. There are multiple charging stations in Yosemite Valley. You can take the park’s year-round shuttle bus to explore the area while your vehicle charges. Visitors have the option to explore different trails, enjoy the refreshing waters of Tenaya Lake, or relax while taking in the stunning views of Half Dome and El Capitan. You can also locate EV charging stations in the Tuolumne Meadows area and El Portal, right outside the Arch Rock Entrance of the park.

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Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park in Florida offers multiple charging stations for electric vehicle drivers to use within its vast 1.5 million acres. The park’s visitor centers at Shark Valley, Ernest F. Coe, and Guy Bradley (Flamingo) all have charging stations available. As your car charges, take the opportunity to explore the Everglades or enjoy some brief nature walks. When you’re prepared to start your journey, be on the lookout for local wildlife such as roseate spoonbills, nine-banded armadillos, and bobcats.

Zion National Park

During the busiest time of the year, usually from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Zion National Park in Utah can have as many as 5,000 cars passing through each day. Gas vehicles must be refueled outside the park, while EV drivers can charge their cars at Watchman Campground or at the visitor center.

Afterward, you can take the seasonal shuttle bus to well-known day hikes such as the Angels Landing trail (which needs a permit) or the Narrows, the appropriately named narrowest part of Zion Canyon. Zion has taken additional steps to become more EV-friendly. In September 2023, new battery-electric buses began transporting visitors around the park, replacing the propane-powered vehicles.

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