These States Have the Highest-paid IT Specialists in Entire US

There are many career options available for IT specialists to explore in their field. Individuals can pursue careers as network support specialists or user support specialists, where their tasks may include identifying unusual network behavior and assisting computer users with hard drive issues.

However, the career prospects and salaries for IT specialists in the United States can vary significantly based on location. Surprisingly, some states with lower costs of living have the highest-paid IT specialists. This also benefits individuals pursuing careers in IT in these states as their money will go further, potentially making the career more appealing. Several states with well-compensated IT specialists are located away from coastal and tech hubs, where they might be more prevalent. This could result in a limited supply of IT professionals, leading to higher wages.

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the requirement for fully remote work, and IT is well-suited for this shift. This implies that workers might need to work in different states, so it’s important for their companies and the workers to be aware of the differences in tax and labor laws from state to state. This also applies to minimum wage, healthcare mandates, workers’ compensation, and other regulations. As IT specialists work for companies in various states, compensation may vary depending on the state due to the increasing popularity of remote work culture.


  • Average annual wage: $58,400
  • Average hourly wage: $28.08
  • Total employment: 29,640

Ohio’s job market is flourishing, in part due to its reputation as an affordable location for businesses. Individuals with IT qualifications will have numerous companies to choose from when mapping out their careers and will appreciate the affordability of living in the state.

North Dakota

  • Average annual wage: $58,345
  • Average hourly wage: $28.05
  • Total employment: 1,980

Mining and logging are two of the fastest-growing industries in North Dakota. These industries rely on IT support and offer opportunities for computer enthusiasts to assist both computer users and farmers.

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South Carolina

  • Average annual wage: $58,020
  • Average hourly wage: $27.90
  • Total employment: 11,040

The technology sector significantly contributes $13 billion to South Carolina’s economy. Individuals who meet the necessary requirements to pursue a career in IT can explore job opportunities at companies such as Boeing, BMW, and other prominent international corporations.


  • Average annual wage: $57,265
  • Average hourly wage: $27.53
  • Total employment: 19,190

Missouri has a high demand for cloud computing and data management experts. IT professionals have a variety of employers to choose from in Missouri, including AT&T, Honeywell, Boeing, and other companies based in the state.


  • Average annual wage: $57,265
  • Average hourly wage: $27.53
  • Total employment: 7,910

Individuals who have a passion for IT and public service may thrive in Alabama. This state is a central location for government and military offices, which are among the biggest employers in the area, making it a desirable place for individuals dedicated to their work in technology and the military.

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