These US Cities Has the Most Oldest Homes Still in 2024

The United States is a relatively young country. During China’s war for independence from England, the Qing Dynasty had already been in power for 130 years. India’s Mughal Empire was starting to fall apart after ruling for over two centuries. Meanwhile, France was on the brink of violently overthrowing almost 1,000 years of absolute monarchy. Today, some Italians live in homes that were originally built during the Middle Ages.

In the United States, the majority of homes and historical sites are relatively new, unless they are indigenous or pre-colonial. Most Americans live in homes that were built after World War II during the suburbanization boom.

Because of this, residential structures in this country are easily considered “old.” The U.S. Census Bureau defines a city as having a large number of old homes if a significant portion of its residential properties were built before 1960. For instance, over 80% of the homes in Levittown, New York, were built before 1960. This means that Levittown is considered relatively old, even though most of its homes were constructed during a building boom that started in 1949.

To find out which American cities have the oldest homes, 24/7 Tempo looked at data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2021 American Community Survey. The data covers a five-year period and includes information on the age of housing units. We ranked cities, towns, villages, and Census-designated places with at least 50,000 residents based on the percentage of housing units built before 1960. The additional information about housing units built in 2000 or later, the median home value for all housing units, and the total population also came from the 2021 ACS. These estimates are based on data collected over a five-year period. The information about historic places is from the National Register of Historic Places and was last updated in July 2023.

US Cities With the Oldest Homes

Levittown, New York

Housing units built before 1960: 89.5%
Housing units built since 2000: 1.2%
Median home value: $445,700
Total population: 52,540
First registered historic property or district: Jerusalem District No. 5 Schoolhouse (registered 1996)

Cicero, Illinois

Housing units built before 1960: 84.8%
Housing units built since 2000: 0.7%
Median home value: $190,500
Total population: 84,905
First registered historic property or district: Chodl Auditorium (registered 1983)

Berwyn, Illinois

Housing units built before 1960: 82.9%
Housing units built since 2000: 2.4%
Median home value: $244,500
Total population: 56,960
First registered historic property or district: Central Berwyn Bungalow Historic District (registered 2015)

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Levittown, Pennsylvania

Housing units built before 1960: 80.0%
Housing units built since 2000: 2.1%
Median home value: $241,900
Total population: 51,100
First registered historic property or district: Phineas Pemberton House (registered 1971)

Detroit, Michigan

Housing units built before 1960: 78.3%
Housing units built since 2000: 4.0%
Median home value: $57,700
Total population: 645,658
First registered historic property or district: West Canfield Historic District (registered 1971)

Utica, New York

Housing units built before 1960: 75.5%
Housing units built since 2000: 2.2%
Median home value: $106,000
Total population: 64,723
First registered historic property or district: Rutger-Steuben Park Historic District (registered 1973)

Mount Vernon, New York

Housing units built before 1960: 74.2%
Housing units built since 2000: 5.4%
Median home value: $380,500
Total population: 72,855
First registered historic property or district: St. Paul’s Church National Historic Site (registered 1966)

Trenton, New Jersey

Housing units built before 1960: 74.0%
Housing units built since 2000: 5.8%
Median home value: $96,700
Total population: 90,097
First registered historic property or district: State House District (registered 1976)

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