This California City is the Nation’s Worst to Drive in 2024

The Golden State is home to the city that is considered to be the worst place to drive in the United States, but it might not be the metropolis that comes to mind.

Oakland was found to be the city with the worst driving conditions, according to a survey that was conducted by Forbes Advisor.

A total of 47 metropolitan locations were analyzed for this study, and a variety of aspects were taken into consideration. These considerations included driving experience, safety, the cost of automobile ownership, and availability to car maintenance.

The city of Oakland was given the unlucky top rating for a number of factors, including the high number of deadly accidents, the high cost of gasoline, and the lengthy average commute times.

With regard to the overall cost of car ownership, “The Town” placed second-worst, while it ranked ninth overall for driving experience. This ranking takes into account the distance traveled to commute and the amount of time lost getting stuck in traffic.

Even “The City,” also known as San Francisco, which is located just across the bridge, did not do much better.

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San Francisco was ranked third on the list of cities that are the worst places to drive in. This ranking was determined by the fact that commutes in San Francisco are extremely slow and that the city has the highest petrol prices of all the locations evaluated.

It was also placed fourth in terms of the rate of car thefts in the whole Bay Area.

At the end of the day, Los Angeles came in eleventh place on the list, with the expense of car ownership being the most significant contributor. Despite the fact that the city is teeming with auto shops and other services, which gives it a solid grade for access to automobile maintenance alternatives, the survey reveals that safety and general driving experience were also on the wrong side of the equation.

Long Beach came in at number twenty on the list with scores that were comparable.

Out of the 47 cities that researchers studied, five cities in California were rated as some of the worst for driving, while three were considered among the best.

San Diego ranked 6th, Fresno ranked 9th, and Bakersfield ranked 11th in the study. These cities did well, especially because of the overall driving experience. Fresno and Bakersfield did not score well in terms of safety.

Raleigh, North Carolina is considered the best city to drive in, according to Forbes Advisor. It received high ratings for safety, driving experience, and especially for the affordability of owning a vehicle.

Forbes Advisor gathered data from various sources, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the U.S. Census Bureau, and the American Automobile Association, to create its list.

If you want to see the full ranking and learn more about the methods used in the study, please visit the website.

Although driving in these metropolitan areas may not be enjoyable, a previous study by Forbes Advisor discovered that some of the country’s best drivers live in those cities.

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