This Creepy Abandoned Town in Virginia Will Give You the Nightmares

Virginia, a state known for its rich history and beautiful landscapes, also has a darker side hidden beneath its charming exterior. In the midst of its rolling hills and historic landmarks, there are stories that remain in forgotten places, slowly decaying with the passage of time.

Two locations, the Wise County Orphanage and the Western State Lunatic Asylum, remain as haunting reminders of the past, with their deserted buildings creating an unsettling atmosphere for those who dare to approach.

Wise County Orphanage

The Wise County Orphanage, located in the serene wilderness of Virginia, is slowly being overtaken by the gentle forces of nature. The place that used to be a vibrant sanctuary for abandoned and orphaned children now sits in quiet solitude, its insides marked by the damage of vandalism and neglect.

There are many stories about the property being haunted, specifically by the spirits of the children who used to live there. The desolate halls are filled with the sound of laughter and bouncing balls, while spectral figures occasionally appear in the windows. This orphanage is a popular destination for urban explorers and those fascinated by the supernatural due to its eerie atmosphere and reported paranormal activity.

Psychiatric institution in the Western region

The Blackburn Inn, formerly known as the Western State Lunatic Asylum, is a captivating location in Virginia with a rich history. Founded in 1828, this institution was created as a retreat for individuals with mental disabilities. It featured unique architectural elements such as open-air layouts, beautiful gardens, and picturesque pathways, all aimed at promoting mental health.

Nevertheless, the asylum’s history took a sinister twist in the mid-19th century. As a result of insufficient funding and mistreatment, it transformed from a rehabilitation center into a facility for individuals with disabilities.

Forced sterilizations, electroshock therapy, and lobotomies were frequently performed, and there are more than 2000 unmarked graves on the property. There is limited documentation available regarding the circumstances surrounding many deaths at Western State, which adds to the mystery surrounding them.

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Today, a large part of the Western State Lunatic Asylum has been transformed into the Blackburn hotel. Although certain structures on the property are currently being restored, providing insights into their original conditions, it is possible that the underground tunnels connecting the properties are no longer accessible.

These abandoned places in Virginia have a haunting past and a chilling atmosphere that can send shivers down the spine. They serve as powerful reminders of our history and the countless untold tales that remain within their abandoned walls.


Virginia’s rich history and beautiful landscapes are reflected in two haunting locations: the Wise County Orphanage and the Western State Lunatic Asylum. The Wise County Orphanage, a sanctuary for abandoned children, is haunted by spirits and is a popular tourist destination. The Western State Lunatic Asylum, a psychiatric institution, was transformed into a hotel due to mistreatment and forced sterilizations.

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