This Haunted Hotel Story in Georgia Can Terrify You Daily

For those seeking a haunted accommodation in Georgia, consider visiting the Marshall House in Savannah. Constructed in 1851, this historic hotel has a chilling and eerie history, earning it a reputation as one of the most haunted locations in the state.

Exploring The Marshall House’s Role as a Hospital

The Marshall House used to be something other than a hotel. It served as a hospital for injured soldiers from both sides during the Civil War. Many individuals perished at the location, with their remains either interred in mass graves or discarded in the river close by. Several amputated limbs were found in the basement during a renovation. During two yellow fever outbreaks in the late 1800s, the hotel also functioned as a hospital. Many individuals fell victim to the illness, and it’s believed that their presence still remains in the hotel hallways.

Exploring the Spooky Events at the Marshall House

Visitors and employees at the Marshall House have witnessed many supernatural occurrences throughout the years. Here are a few of the most frequently encountered ones:

  • Experiencing eerie sounds like footsteps, moans, screams, and whispers echoing through the hallways and rooms.
  • Witnessing visions of soldiers, nurses, children, and other individuals dressed in clothing from the past.
  • Sensing cold spots, touches, and tugs on their hair or clothes.
  • Discovering bloodstains on the sheets, towels, and walls that seem to vanish and then reappear.
  • Observing faucets, lights, and televisions activating and deactivating on their own.
  • Having nightmares, sleep paralysis, and seeing visions of the hotel’s past.

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Today at The Marshall House

The Marshall House is currently operating as a hotel and is open to guests who are willing to stay in one of its haunted rooms. The hotel embraces its history by providing ghost tours and historical lectures for interested guests. Visitors can explore artifacts and photographs from the hotel’s history, along with a guestbook for sharing experiences. For an exciting experience, consider booking a room at the Marshall House. Just a heads up: you may have trouble getting a good night’s rest. This haunted hotel in Georgia has a terrifying backstory, and you may come across some of its restless residents.


The Marshall House in Savannah, Georgia, is a haunted hotel with a chilling history. Built in 1851, it served as a hospital for injured soldiers during the Civil War and during two yellow fever outbreaks. Guests have experienced supernatural occurrences, including eerie sounds, visions, cold spots, bloodstains, and nightmares. Today, the hotel offers ghost tours and historical lectures.

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