This is the Terrifying Tale of the Haunted Hotel in Florida

Many tourists visit Florida to enjoy the sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and explore the various attractions it has to offer. However, behind its beautiful appearance, there is a history of violence, disasters, and tragedies. According to a legend, these events have resulted in the presence of spirits that continue to haunt the state even now.

Some guests have claimed that several haunted hotels in Florida have been visited by restless apparitions. We will discuss the spooky stories connected to these haunted hotels in this article.

The Don CeSar Hotel is located in St. Pete Beach

The Don CeSar Hotel, also known as the “Pink Palace,” is a beautiful landmark located on St. Pete Beach. The construction of this place dates back to 1928 when a wealthy businessman named Thomas Rowe built it with a romantic inspiration. Rowe was very attracted to a Spanish opera singer named Lucinda, and this is why he decided to create the hotel. Unfortunately, Lucinda’s parents did not approve of their love, which made the hotel’s backstory even more interesting.

Rowe’s beloved was sent back to Spain and forced into a marriage she didn’t want. This inspired Rowe to build a beautiful hotel, named after the main character of the opera where they first met.

Local stories say that Thomas Rowe, the person who started the hotel, is believed to still wander around the building looking for his lost love. Many people, including guests and staff members, have said they saw a man wearing a white suit and Panama hat walking around the hallways or sitting in the lobby. Even though Rowe died in 1940, people say that his spirit still wanders around the property today.

Many people frequently claim to have seen a woman with dark hair, who is believed to be Lucinda, with him. The ghosts are often seen near the garden fountain where Thomas asked Lucinda to marry him, or in the penthouse suite they had intended to stay in.

The Casa Marina Hotel is located in Jacksonville Beach

The Casa Marina Hotel was built in 1925 as a fancy resort. It quickly became a popular place for famous people, politicians, and wealthy individuals to enjoy its glamorous atmosphere. However, the hotel has also experienced unfortunate events like fires, hurricanes, and suicides. These events are believed to have caused lingering paranormal activities.

Room 4-12 is famous for being one of the scariest places in the hotel. The room is connected to a sad story about Jessica. She ended her own life by jumping from the balcony after finding out that her husband was being unfaithful. Legend has it that her spirit still remains in the room and likes to play pranks on guests, indicating that she is still unsettled and holds a grudge.

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People who have visited the place have said that they have had strange experiences with a strong being that can control lights, faucets, and even the TV. This entity is known for moving objects, closing doors forcefully, and sometimes even pushing or scratching visitors. Some people who have visited the place have said they heard the entity crying or screaming in the room or on the balcony.

The Biltmore Hotel is located in Coral Gables

The Biltmore Hotel opened in 1926 and was a luxurious resort for its guests. Throughout the years, many famous people stayed at this place, including Al Capone, Judy Garland, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. The hotel became known for its involvement in illegal activities such as gambling, bootlegging, and violent crimes, despite its impressive appearance. During the Prohibition era, this place was well-liked by gangsters and mobsters. This often led to conflicts between them and the authorities.

A murder took place in Room 1216 of the hotel. Thomas “Fatty” Walsh, a well-known gangster from New York, was shot and killed during an argument over gambling with another mobster. Some people say that his ghost can still be felt in Room 1216 and on the 13th floor, even though it’s actually the 14th floor.

People who have stayed at the location and the employees have said that they have experienced tricks from the ghost of Walsh. These tricks include lights that turn on and off, knocking on doors, strange phone calls, toilets that flush by themselves, and even seeing a dark figure or a ball of light.

To sum up

Discover thrilling stories at haunted hotels in Florida. Each of these lodgings has its own unique stories to share, offering a memorable and possibly spooky experience. If you believe in the supernatural or not, these hotels will provide you with unforgettable stories to share.

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