This Michigan City is One of the Most Peaceful Places in America

Michigan has a lot of Black history, from Grand Rapids to Detroit. Detroit is known for being the birthplace of Motown music, as well as being a significant location in the history of enslaved people’s uprisings. It is also home to Paradise Valley and other notable landmarks. Michigan, also known as The Great Lakes State, is famous for more than just its historical contributions. It is also a great place for people who love outdoor activities and has some of the most peaceful places in the country.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Insider Monkey recently published a list of the “25 Most Peaceful Places to Live in the U.S.” Insider Monkey is a website that focuses on finance and provides information about insider trading and hedge fund data. The process of choosing a website involved assessing how loud it was and how easy it was to get to outdoor areas in each city. Insider Monkey measured how loud it is in different cities and gave them a score based on how many outdoor recreational areas they have.

Ann Arbor, Michigan, came in third place, although it did not secure the top one or two spots. The noise level in the city is typically 39.13 decibels. It is well-balanced, with an impressive 92 percent of residents having easy access to green spaces.

What Makes Ann Arbor, Michigan So Peaceful?

Ann Arbor is located in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, on both sides of the Huron River. The river is a popular place for both locals and tourists to enjoy water sports and activities in nature. The city has a strong community of people who enjoy being outside, which adds to its calm atmosphere. Ann Arbor is a great place for people who want to find peace and quiet in nature.

People who live in Ann Arbor can experience the advantages of two different things. They get to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of a town with a university, as well as plenty of beautiful green areas and opportunities for outdoor activities like trails and hikes. Just a short drive west is the expansive Waterloo Recreation Area, Michigan’s third-largest park. The area is more than 20,000 acres and has 11 lakes.

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However, Ann Arbor’s charm lies within its borders. The city has 162 parks, with Gallup Park being one of them. Gallup Park is 69 acres in size. According to The City of Ann Arbor, it is the most popular recreation area in Ann Arbor. Living in such a peaceful environment isn’t just a luxury. It also provides real health and wellness benefits. Ann Arbor has significantly lower noise pollution compared to other cities, making it a less stressful place to live.

Having less noise pollution can help improve sleep quality, reduce stress, enhance concentration and focus, and promote overall well-being. Having lots of green spaces encourages people to exercise more and improves their mental well-being. People who live in Ann Arbor tend to have healthier lifestyles, which means they are less likely to be obese compared to the average rates in the state and the whole country.

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