This Midwest City Becomes the Best Place to Live in U.S. for 2024

If you’re thinking about moving to another city to find affordable housing and great schools, which are usually hard to find together, consider the Midwest. According to a recent list from, Carmel, a community in Hamilton County, Indiana, is ranked as the best small to mid-size city to live in America. It scored highest in categories such as housing, health, and economy.

Over two thousand communities with populations ranging from 75,000 to 500,000 were taken into consideration by the website, which then assessed these towns in eight different categories. These categories included housing and the cost of living, facilities, transportation, environment, education, and safety.

A gorgeous city with a thriving artistic community and well regarded educational institutions, Carmel, Indiana, is located approximately thirty minutes outside of Indianapolis. According to the website, Carmel is a community that places a strong emphasis on quality of life. Residents of this close-knit community have access to a wide variety of cultural events and activities that take place outside.

House prices in Carmel are now at $380,000, while the typical monthly rent is $1,177. Livability only ranks locations where the median home value is less than $500,000, and Carmel is one of those places. On the other hand, the median income of households in the city is approximately twice as high as the average income for the nation, which is $151,115.

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The Meridian business Corridor in Carmel, which is home to more than one hundred business headquarters, is highlighted in the article “Livability,” which emphasizes that this is attributable to the city’s strong economy. Clay Terrace, Old Town Carmel, and Village Park Plaza are just few of the shopping centers that have contributed to the city’s status as a bustling center for retail activity.

Carmel is a city that attracts newcomers because it offers great opportunities for recreation and enjoyment. Additionally, residents have the opportunity to explore nearly 200 creative-focused shops, such as galleries and independent boutiques, in Carmel’s arts and design district. Residents also benefit from a rich calendar of activities that takes place throughout the entire year, including theater shows, concerts, and local festivals. As a result of the city’s seven hundred acres of parks, trails, and other green places, it is certain to bring satisfaction to anyone who enjoy being outside.

Carmel also had a good score in the education area, which gauges the quality of schools, the number of years spent in school, and access to higher education. asserts that Carmel is home to some of the best public and private schools in the state of Indiana, and is of the opinion that there are more than thirty universities located within fifty miles of the city.

Additionally, Carmel was recognized by as the top suburb in the United States and as the most desirable city for families in the state of Indiana earlier this year.

On the list of the best places to live compiled by Livability, Broomfield, located in Colorado, came in second place. In addition, Overland Park, located in Kansas, garnered the bronze medal as the best destination in the Midwest.

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