This New Mexico Hospital Becomes the Creepiest Places in the State

New Mexico boasts a wealth of history, culture, and natural beauty. However, there are also dark and mysterious places where the past lingers and the present is haunted. One location is the Fort Stanton Hospital, which used to be a tuberculosis sanatorium and now serves as a museum and psychiatric facility. This hospital has experienced numerous tragic events and unsettling occurrences, leading some to believe it harbors lingering spirits and dark energies.

Exploring the Fort Stanton Hospital’s History

Fort Stanton was constructed in 1855 as a military fort with the purpose of safeguarding settlers from Apache raids. It was a significant location for well-known historical figures like Kit Carson, Billy the Kid, and the Buffalo Soldiers. Confederate troops briefly occupied it during the Civil War before being recaptured by Union forces.

In 1899, the fort was transformed into a sanatorium for individuals suffering from tuberculosis, primarily catering to Merchant Marines and armed forces personnel. Back then, tuberculosis was a fatal illness with no cure, and the warm, arid weather of New Mexico was thought to help those affected. Throughout the years, the hospital underwent expansion and modernization, evolving into one of the largest and most advanced facilities in the country.

Yet, the hospital was a challenging and uncomfortable environment for the patients. Several individuals underwent painful and experimental treatments like pneumothorax, thoracoplasty, and lobectomy. Some individuals passed away due to the illness or surgery-related issues, while others took their own lives or were victims of fellow patients. There are more than 1500 graves in the hospital cemetery, with a lot of them either unmarked or only showing numbers.

Fort Stanton Hospital Hauntings

Given its dark past of suffering and death, Fort Stanton Hospital is widely regarded as one of the most haunted locations in New Mexico. Visitors and staff have noticed a range of paranormal occurrences, including cold spots, unusual sounds, apparitions, and poltergeist activity. Here are some of the most frequently seen sightings:

  • A spectral nurse wanders through the corridors, making sure the patients are alright. It is believed that she is Julia Staab, the wife of a wealthy merchant who passed away from tuberculosis at the hospital in 1925. People describe her as approachable and supportive, yet fiercely defensive of her territory.
  • There is a phantom soldier who walks around the area and greets the guests with a salute. It is believed to be Captain Henry Wright, who died in a duel with a doctor at the fort in 1862. He is known for his loyalty and respect, as well as his strict and demanding nature.
  • A mysterious individual who hides in the basement and preys on unsuspecting victims. It is believed that he may have been a previous patient with a history of violence and psychosis, confined to a padded cell in the basement. Reports indicate he displays anger and aggression, resulting in scratches, bruises, and bites on his victims.

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Fort Stanton Hospital’s Future

Although the hospital is known for being haunted, it is still in operation today with around 200 patients who were placed there through civil court commitment actions. In 2024, a new facility was opened in Galen to alleviate overcrowding issues.

The former hospital is now a component of the Fort Stanton Historic Site, which features a museum, visitor center, and various restored buildings. The website is accessible to everyone and provides guided tours, special events, and educational programs. Yet, certain sections of the hospital are restricted to visitors, either due to safety concerns or to honor the privacy of the patients.

Fort Stanton Hospital embodies the rich history and intriguing allure of New Mexico. This location is where both the living and the deceased coexist, and where the past and present intersect. This location is both captivating and intimidating, offering both challenges and motivation. Undoubtedly one of the spookiest locations in the state.


Fort Stanton Hospital in New Mexico, once a tuberculosis sanatorium, is now a museum and psychiatric facility. The hospital has a dark past, with numerous tragic events and unsettling occurrences. It is considered one of the most haunted locations in the state, with paranormal occurrences and a spectral nurse believed to be Julia Staab. Despite its hauntings, the hospital is still in operation with around 200 patients. In 2024, a new facility was opened to alleviate overcrowding. The former hospital is part of the Fort Stanton Historic Site, offering guided tours, special events, and educational programs.

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