This Ohio City Becomes the Most Rum Producer in Entire U.S.

Ohio has a rich and captivating history of rum production that dates back to colonial times. Rum, being one of the first spirits distilled in America, has its origins in Ohio, which was home to many early rum distilleries. Ohio has a flourishing rum industry, with distilleries producing top-notch rums for markets at home and abroad. Marietta is known for its exceptional rum production within the state.

Marietta’s Unique Contribution to Rum Production

Marietta, located in Washington County, is about 30 miles east of Columbus. With a population of around 25,000, it is well-known for its historic downtown district, which showcases beautiful structures from the 19th and early 20th centuries. The city is known for its rich cultural and educational offerings, including museums, theaters, and universities.

Marietta has been recognized as Ohio’s top rum-producing city by WalletHub, a platform that ranks cities based on different criteria, according to the American Rum Report. The report emphasizes Marietta’s notable features, including its ten rum distilleries, which make up 80% of all similar establishments in Ohio. In addition, Marietta has launched 15 new rum products since 2011, showcasing the innovative and creative spirit of local rum artisans.

The Standing of Marietta When comparing to other cities in Ohio

Marietta is a standout rum producer in Ohio, surpassing all 88 cities with available data. As an example, Columbus, Ohio’s capital and largest city, is considered the second most important rum-producing city in the state and the 18th in the nation. Although Columbus is home to six distilleries, which make up 40% of Ohio’s total, it doesn’t quite measure up to Marietta when it comes to introducing new products.

In contrast, cities such as Toledo and Cleveland, which have populations over 500,000, are ranked lower on WalletHub’s list because they have a limited rum production. Toledo, a city in Ohio with a relatively low number of rum producers, is home to The Toledo Distilling Company. This distillery is the only one in the city and accounts for less than 1% of the state’s total rum production. In a similar vein, The Cleveland Distillery, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is one of the cities in the state with the lowest number of rum producers. It makes up less than 1% of the total distilleries in Ohio.

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Tackling Marietta’s Difficulties

Marietta’s situation mirrors the struggles faced by numerous small towns throughout the United States, encompassing economic decline, social issues, and restricted access to public services. Although these challenges are substantial, there are possible ways to improve Marietta’s future prospects.

One possible approach is to invest in infrastructure projects, provide support to local businesses, and enhance educational opportunities. In addition, enhancing the availability of public services such as healthcare and transportation could have a positive effect on the well-being of residents and contribute to the advancement of society.


Finally, Marietta’s distinction as one of Ohio’s main hubs for rum production is a remarkable achievement. Although the city has its fair share of challenges, there is great potential for improvement through careful planning, investment, and working together. By implementing these measures, Marietta has the potential to foster economic growth and social progress in the future.

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