This Washington Abandoned Prison is One of the Creepiest Places in Entire State

Washington is a place with lots of beautiful nature and also some creepy places. One of the buildings there is an old prison that used to hold some of the most dangerous and well-known criminals in the state. This old building, which is now in ruins and believed to be haunted, still carries the memories of its troubled history. This is the scary story of the Northern State Hospital, a place that is considered one of the creepiest in Washington.

Exploring the Past of the Northern State Hospital

The Northern State Hospital was built in 1912 in Sedro-Woolley, a small town in Skagit County, Washington. It was designed to be a modern facility for treating mental illness. The facility could hold up to 2,000 patients and covered an area of 700 acres. It also had a working farm where patients grew their own food. The hospital had more than just medical facilities. It also had a library, theater, gymnasium, and a cemetery.

The hospital was initially praised for its compassionate mental health care practices. However, it later became overwhelmed with too many patients and not enough staff. The conditions got worse, which resulted in patients being neglected, abused, and even used for experiments. Unfortunately, many people died from diseases, lack of food, or took their own lives. Their graves were not marked. The hospital became a very scary place, where the patients’ painful cries echoed through the hallways.

In 1973, the hospital was in danger of shutting down because of scandals and legal battles that revealed its terrible actions. The buildings were abandoned and left to decay, turning the area into a ghost town. People believed that the spirits of the troubled souls who used to live there haunted the place.

Discovering the Characteristics of the Northern State Hospital

The Northern State Hospital covers an area of 225 acres and consists of over 40 buildings. Some of these buildings are still intact, while others are in a state of ruins. These structures are connected by a network of tunnels that were used to transport patients and supplies. Inside these buildings, there are objects from the past like furniture, documents, and personal belongings.

Some important structures are:

  • The Administration Building is the main center of the campus. It has a large staircase, a fireplace, a stained glass window, offices, a reception area, and even a chapel.
  • The Ward Buildings are where patients live. They have dormitories, bathrooms, common rooms, and isolation cells for patients who are behaving badly.
  • The Medical Building is a place where people receive medical treatment and participate in experiments. It has rooms for surgeries, laboratories, pharmacies, morgues, and equipment for procedures like electroshock therapy, lobotomy, and sterilization.
  • The farm buildings are important for both food and money. They include barns, silos, stables, slaughterhouses, fields, orchards, and gardens.
  • The Cemetery is a place where over 1,500 people are buried, many of them without any markers. There is also a crematorium where unidentified or unwanted patients are cremated.

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Thinking about what will happen to the Northern State Hospital in the future

The Northern State Hospital is a place with a lot of history and ghost stories. It deserves to be preserved and respected. The exhibit is not only a sad reminder of the difficult past of mental health care, but also a place where people can learn and feel inspired. Visitors can explore the history, enjoy the present, and imagine the future. The site is open to a small number of people and offers guided tours. It is popular among paranormal investigators who believe they have experienced different supernatural events there.

If you are interested in the Northern State Hospital or want to provide support, you can find detailed information on its website: Northern State Ghost Town.

This place is more than just a prison. It also includes a hospital, farm, and cemetery. The place is a symbol of both fear and beauty, as well as life and death. It leaves a lasting impression on anyone who visits.

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