Kindest Cities in the United States

In a world that often feels divided and hectic, the presence of kindness within a community can be a breath of fresh air. The United States, known for its diverse and vibrant cities, has some notable places where kindness isn’t just an afterthought but a way of life. Based on research by WalletHub, which considered factors like volunteer hours, sheltered homeless people, and donations per capita, here are the seven kindest cities in the United States.

The Kindest Cities in the United States

1. Madison, Wisconsin

Madison is not just the capital city of Wisconsin but also the kindest city in America. With a total score of 69.56, Madison stands out for its accepting community and diverse attractions, including art galleries, theatres, parks, and more. The city’s residents are known for their proactive approach to ensuring everyone feels safe and accepted.

2. Boston, Massachusetts

Scoring 68.97, Boston is recognized for its community spirit where kindness is deeply valued. The city’s inclusive atmosphere is evident through its citizens’ everyday interactions and the numerous organizations dedicated to promoting kindness.

3. New York City, New York

With a score of 67.97, New York City’s vibrancy is matched by its kindness. From small acts like offering directions to larger initiatives like volunteer programs, the city demonstrates that kindness is an integral part of its ethos.

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4. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach scores 65.13, showing that kindness can be found in both small gestures and community-wide efforts. The city offers numerous opportunities for residents and visitors to engage in volunteer activities and contribute to the community.

5. Fremont, California

Fremont, with a score of 64.89, is known for the kindness of its residents, especially in the workplace. The city’s community spirit is reflected in various initiatives, from food drives to community cleanups.

6. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh scores 64.54, showcasing its kindness through local community support and volunteer initiatives. The city is more than just a sports hub; it’s a place where residents go the extra mile to include and help each other.

7. Jersey City, New Jersey

Scoring 64.26, Jersey City’s warmth is not just due to its sunny beaches but also its warm-hearted people. Kindness here is visible in daily life, from neighborly help to business discounts for the vulnerable.


These cities exemplify how kindness can transform communities, making them not only pleasant places to visit but also nurturing environments to live in. They remind us that in our fast-paced world, compassion and empathy are still highly valued traits​

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