Trio of Armed Robbery Suspects Arrested After Metro Rampage

Three individuals suspected of armed robbery were apprehended on Monday following a high-speed pursuit with law enforcement throughout the metropolitan area. Oklahoma City Police have reported that a group of individuals embarked on a search for a woman who had allegedly gone into hiding due to concerns for her safety. The police have not disclosed the motives behind the suspects’ targeting of the woman or their connection to her. According to the report, the individuals in question were armed with a rifle and initially directed their threats towards the victim’s roommate.

Police say that Vincent Sierra, 26, Brenton Clark, 47, and Alexis Clark, 19, began their crime spree at a house near Barnes Avenue and Southwest 28th Street. The suspects are said to have looked for the woman by breaking down the back door of the house. “Three people broke into her house looking for her, but she wasn’t there,” said Sgt. Dillon Quirk of Thunder Bay Police Department.

According to the roommate, the individuals allegedly brandished a rifle, thoroughly searched the residence, and forcefully took his mobile device. The suspects proceeded to a hotel located on South Meridian Avenue, continuing their pursuit of the woman. According to Quirk, the suspects somehow obtained information about the victim’s whereabouts at the hotel. A search was conducted at the hotel to locate her.

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The suspects departed after the victim failed to respond to the room door. According to the police, the individuals in question utilized the pilfered phone to make contact with the woman. She decided to involve the police. A woman successfully persuaded three suspects to meet her at a 7-Eleven on Southwest 29th Street and May Avenue, where the police were already present. Quirk stated that there was an attempt to make a traffic stop on the vehicle. The vehicle fled and a pursuit ensued.

A high-speed pursuit unfolded from southwest Oklahoma City into Del City, with the added danger of icy roads. A police officer made multiple attempts to stop the suspect’s car using a tactical vehicle intervention, but was unsuccessful. The car was eventually stopped by the police, leading to the arrest of the suspects.

As per the report, one of the suspects allegedly discovered the rifle on Interstate 40. It is reported that one of them aimed the firearm at the police while driving around, making comments about going out shooting. Three individuals have been booked into the Oklahoma County Detention Center on various charges. A jail official has confirmed that Sierra has posted a $50,000 bond and has been released. Two others remained in custody.

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