Trump Suggests There Might Be Potential Violence Surrounding the 2024 Election: "Depends on the Fairness"

Depending on whether or not people in the United States believe that the election in 2024 was fair, former President Trump has suggested that there may be political bloodshed because of the election. In an interview with Eric Cortellessa, a staff writer for TIME, Trump stated, “If we don’t win, you know, it depends.”

The remarks were the result of an extensive interview that the former president conducted with the publication and which was published on Tuesday. During his speech, Trump highlighted his prospective, ambitious agenda for his second term in office, should he be elected again, as well as his goals for governance in light of the lessons he gained during his first term.

However, the publication did not shy away from asking Trump tough questions concerning the behavior of both himself and his fans in the pursuit of a second term as president. These questions included the subject of whether or not there is a possibility of violence occurring.

Cortellessa stated that Trump possessed a “transformative” vision, and she cited former White House adviser Stephen Bannon as claiming that Trump has a “apocalyptic” perception of the current situation of the nation.

“These obsessions could once again push the nation to the brink of crisis,” according to the publication. “Trump does not dismiss the possibility of political violence around the election.” The statement that Trump made was, “If we don’t win, you know, it depends.” “It always depends on the fairness of the election.”

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During the time that the former president has been out of office, the shadow of the Capitol Riot that occurred on January 6, 2021, when supporters of Trump rushed the building in an attempt to disrupt the proceedings of election certification, has been hanging over him. Even though he was found not guilty of inciting an uprising in the United States Senate, he was impeached on the accusation of instigating an uprising.

There are currently federal accusations against him that are connected to the efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election and the subsequent riot that occurred in the Capitol.

Representatives from the campaign of former President Trump for the 2024 election did not immediately respond to a request for comment made by Fox News Digital.

Trump made a number of other noteworthy assertions about what he would do if he were to be elected to a second term, including the use of the military to assist in the removal of millions of illegal immigrants who are now residing in the United States.

Additionally, he asserted that he would be able to free Wall Street Journal writer Evan Gershkovich from Russia, where he has been detained for over a year on questionable claims of spying, in the event that President Biden was unable to accomplish so without his assistance. In response, the Biden White House stated that it was pleased to have cooperation from Trump in bringing the journalist back home.

“President Biden has worked ceaselessly for Evan’s freedom since he was unjustifiably imprisoned by Putin, as well as for the freedom of fellow American Paul Whelan, who has now spent 5 years in a Russia prison,” a spokesperson for the president, Andrew Bates, told Fox News Digital. “Just as the President stated on Saturday, when he reiterated his demand for Evan’s immediate release, journalism is not a criminal act, and reporters are not adversaries of the people; rather, they are essential to the functioning of democracy. This fresh support for bringing Evan back from Russia is something that President Biden is pleased to see, and he will continue to ensure that both Paul and Evan are released from custody.

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