Two Strange Haunted Roads In Ohio Where Gravity Seem Unstable Everytime

Ohio is a state that has a lot of history, culture, and beautiful natural scenery. However, it also has many stories and myths that are difficult to explain using science and reason. There are two roads mentioned: King Memorial Road in Mentor and Euler Road in Oxford. Euler Road is also known as Crybaby Lane.

These are two roads that are known for strange occurrences and paranormal activity. Gravity doesn’t behave as expected in these areas. We will discuss the stories and possible explanations for the strange features of these roads in this article.

Story: The Mysterious Bicyclist on King Memorial Road

King Memorial Road is a country road that stops at the point where it meets Little Mountain Road in Kirtland Hills. Local stories say that this road is haunted by the ghost of a bicyclist. He was killed one night by a car while waiting for his lover. According to the legend, if you drive to the bottom of the hill, stop at the intersection, and put your car in neutral, a white light will come from the hills and push your car uphill. The spirit of the bicyclist is someone who helps drivers out of gratitude or loneliness.

Many people have attempted this experiment and have reported seeing a strange light or feeling their car moving in a way that defies gravity. Some people have even filmed videos of their experience. However, some people who doubt or question this phenomenon have a different explanation. They say that it is a trick of the eyes, caused by the way the land and the road are shaped. They are saying that the road is actually going downhill, not uphill, and that the white light is a reflection of the moon or a streetlight far away.

Euler Road: The Crying Baby

Euler Road, also known as Crybaby Lane, is a country road that goes through the woods and ends abruptly. According to stories, people believe that there is a ghost of a baby on this road. The story says that the baby was hanged from a tree branch by his mother. According to the story, the mother had a mental illness and tragically killed her baby before taking her own life. The road is called that because people say they hear a baby crying at night and sometimes see a ghostly figure of a mother searching for her child.

To test this legend, you need to drive about 100 yards past the intersection of Route 732, then stop your car and put it in neutral. The car will move uphill, as if being pulled by the baby’s spirit towards the tree. Some people who were there have also heard the baby crying, seen balls of light in the forest, or even met the ghost of the mother.

However, just like with King Memorial Road, there is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon. The road is actually going downhill, not uphill. The illusions are caused by the absence of a horizon and the way the trees are arranged. The sounds of the baby might just be normal noises, and the orbs of light could be fireflies or dust particles.

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Summary: Are These Roads Really Haunted?

The stories of King Memorial Road and Euler Road show how folklore and superstition can make ordinary places more mysterious and intriguing. These roads are popular among curious visitors who are interested in defying gravity and encountering supernatural experiences. However, there is no solid evidence to prove that these places are actually haunted.

The things that happen on these roads can be explained by natural reasons, like tricks of the eye, the way the land is shaped, and things in the environment. However, for people who believe in ghosts and spirits, these roads provide an opportunity to encounter something beyond the ordinary and maybe even connect with the past.

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