Urgent: Help Needed to Find Missing 11-Year-Old in Detroit

Detroit, MI – The Detroit Police Department is urgently seeking the public’s help in locating an 11-year-old boy who has gone missing.

Basil Patton, a resident of Detroit, left his home on the 15400 block of Hartwell Street on Wednesday, June 19, without permission and has not returned since.

Authorities are deeply concerned for his safety and are appealing to anyone with information to come forward.

Basil was last seen wearing all-black clothing, making it easy for residents to identify him. He is described as being 4 feet 10 inches tall, with black hair and brown eyes. He weighs approximately 90 pounds.

The community is urged to remain vigilant and report any sightings or information that could assist in finding Basil.

The Detroit Police Department’s 12th Precinct is handling the case and has provided a contact number for anyone who might have relevant information.

If you have seen Basil or know anything about his whereabouts, please contact the precinct at 313-596-1240. Additionally, Crime Stoppers is available at 1-800-Speak Up for anonymous tips.

In situations like these, every piece of information, no matter how small it may seem, can be crucial. The police are relying on the community’s cooperation to bring Basil back home safely.

The urgency of the matter cannot be overstated, and the family of Basil is undoubtedly going through a distressing time. Public support and awareness are critical in ensuring a swift and safe resolution.

The community’s role in helping locate missing children is invaluable. Spreading the word, sharing Basil’s description, and keeping an eye out in your neighborhood can make a significant difference.

According to the source, the Detroit Police Department emphasizes the importance of collective efforts in such critical situations.

By keeping Basil’s details fresh in the public’s mind, there is hope that someone, somewhere, might have seen something that could help bring him home.

Community support and awareness are critical in such cases, and every effort counts.

If you have any information about Basil Patton’s whereabouts, please contact the Detroit Police Department’s 12th Precinct at 313-596-1240 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-Speak Up. Your help could be instrumental in reuniting Basil with his family.

In times of crisis, community solidarity can often provide the necessary breakthroughs. Stay vigilant, Detroit, and let’s bring Basil home safe and sound.

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