Us Warden Arrested After Inmate Dies From Starvation

The warden of the oldest prison in Wisconsin and eight other prison employees have been arrested after an investigation into the deaths of four inmates in the past year.

Randall Hepp, the warden of the maximum-security Waupun Correctional Institution, was arrested just before he was scheduled to give a briefing to provide reporters with an update on the investigation into the deaths.

According to the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office, a tragic incident occurred where a man lost his life due to dehydration and malnutrition. It was reported that he was occasionally denied access to food and water by the guards. It took approximately 12 hours before the body of another individual who passed away from a stroke was found. “The things that were happening in that prison really angered me,” Sheriff Dale Schmidt told reporters on Wednesday.

He continued, expressing concern for the lack of care given to these individuals. “And we will ensure that those responsible are held accountable.”

Mr Hepp is facing charges of misconduct in public office. The remaining eight employees are facing charges of inmate abuse. Additionally, three of them are facing charges of misconduct in office.

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Last week, Mr. Hepp made an announcement stating his intention to retire by the end of June. He is looking at a prison sentence of over three years. The charges are connected to the deaths of two individuals – Donald Maier, aged 62, and Cameron Williams, aged 24.

Investigators have reported that Mr. Williams passed away due to a stroke following a fall. Despite his repeated complaints of medical distress prior to the accident, prison staff members are facing accusations of neglecting him.

It is alleged that Mr. Maier passed away due to dehydration and malnutrition, as staff reportedly cut off water to his cell and refused to provide him with meals. The guards reported that he had mental health issues and had previously caused flooding in his cell.

As of June 2023, the Department of Corrections reported that the Waupun Correction Institution houses 1,001 prisoners. The construction took place in 1851.

In March, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers announced that federal investigators were looking into a suspected smuggling operation that allegedly involved prison employees.

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