We Discovered Murders Per Capita By City In Tennessee For 2024

In Tennessee, Bolivar and Ripley have the highest murder rates per capita as of 2024. Do you reside in one of Tennessee’s murder capitals?

Anybody who watches the news knows that a murder that occurs in the vicinity of us makes them cringe. Even though a murder a few towns or even blocks from your home would unnerve anyone, your neighborhood is probably generally safe in the long run.

We compared the FBI crime data on murders for the 49 cities in the Volunteer State with more than 5,000 residents using Saturday Night Science to determine which cities in Tennessee had the greatest murder rates per capita and the highest number of murders overall.

Which Tennessee city has the greatest murder rate? Bolivar, with 58.5 homicides per 100,000 residents, has Tennessee’s highest murder rate. Which Tennessee city has the greatest murder rate? Memphis, with 269 murders, is the Tennessee city with the highest murder rate.

See how we ran the numbers and how your Tennessee town ranked by reading on. In Tennessee, there were “only” 49 cities where the FBI was notified of a murder; the remaining 49 cities were murder-free.

Murder Capitals Of Tennessee For 2024


Population: 5,127
Murders: 3 (11th Most)
Murders Per 100k: 58.5 (Most)


Population: 7,772
Murders: 4 (8th Most)
Murders Per 100k: 51.5 (2nd Most)


Population: 6,942
Murders: 3 (11th Most)
Murders Per 100k: 43.2 (3rd Most)


Population: 15,988
Murders: 4 (8th Most)
Murders Per 100k: 25.0


Population: 8,582
Murders: 2 (20th Most)
Murders Per 100k: 23.3


Population: 10,004
Murders: 2 (20th Most)
Murders Per 100k: 20.0


Population: 5,242
Murders: 1 (38th Most)
Murders Per 100k: 19.1


Population: 194,724
Murders: 32 (3rd Most)
Murders Per 100k: 16.4

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Method to calculate the murder capitals of Tennessee

Even though public surveys and polls exist to determine which cities in a state are the riskiest, we wanted to rely on data that wasn’t based on conjecture or opinion. Instead, we compared the hard data from the FBI’s most recent reporting year using Saturday Night Science. We specifically examined the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, which provides an annual summary of the number of homicides that occur in each city.

We only examined Tennessee cities for which FBI Crime In The United States data was available for the most recent FBI Crime. After that, we had 49 cities to rank.

As a ranking element, we used the number of homicides per capita. According to the latest recent data, Bolivar has the highest murder rate per capita. This is our eleventh ranking of Tennessee’s most murderous counties per capita. The list was updated for 2024.

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