Where to Settle Down 5 Family-Friendly Areas in New Mexico

There’s more to New Mexico, the “Land of Enchantment,” than just breathtaking desert vistas and intriguing history. This is a state full with thriving, family-friendly municipalities.

Finding the perfect location to raise your children can be difficult, though, because there are so many different cities and towns to pick from.

This list accommodates the demands of any family, regardless of whether they want a big city with plenty of educational options or a quaint little town that emphasizes outdoor excursions.

That being said, let go of the worry that comes with never finding the right location to set roots and bring up your children in the heart of New Mexico.


The town of Corrales, which has 8,495 residents, has an average property price of $668,575 and a typical income of $94,966. It receives a score of 35 on the family-friendly amenities scale, indicating a mediocre level of family-friendly amenities.

Corrales is a family-friendly community, as seen by the 17.6% of households there having children, in addition to its upscale real estate options.

Los Alamos

There are about 13,460 people living in the little town of Los Alamos, which is snuggled in New Mexico. Given its rich inhabitants, the neighborhood has a fortunate median income of $130,342.

Where to Settle Down: 5 Family-Friendly Areas in New Mexico
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The average property price in Los Alamos is $521,013, reflecting a strong real estate market. The housing stock is noticeably premium.

The town is appropriate for families looking for a balanced lifestyle because, despite its modest size, it offers a decent Family Friendly Amenities Score of 46.

Los Alamos’s attractiveness as a family-friendly community amid its scientific and cultural legacy is highlighted by the fact that about 25.7% of homes there are made up of children.

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The population of Grants is 9,177 people, and their typical income is $55,631. The cost-effective housing market is reflected in the notably inexpensive average property price of $159,642.

With a respectable score of 51 for family-friendly amenities, it is clear that the community is designed with families in mind.

A sizable segment of the populace that emphasizes family-oriented life is found in Grants, where children make up about 31.4% of households.

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Los Lunas

With 17,452 residents, Los Lunas is a town with a median income of $68,934 and an average home price of $298,049. With a moderate score of 61 for family-friendly amenities, it is renowned for having a respectable amount of family-focused services available.

Where to Settle Down 5 Family-Friendly Areas in New Mexico
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Los Lunas is a desirable neighborhood for families looking for a nurturing atmosphere, as seen by the fact that 30.4% of households there have children.

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There are 6,113 people living in the little village of Edgewood. Here, the average home price is roughly $348,936, and the typical income is $70,568, respectively.

On the Family Friendly Amenities scale, it receives a score of 55, which indicates a reasonable amount of family-friendly amenities are available.

The percentage of households with children in Edgewood is about 30.5%, which is indicative of the town’s family-oriented population.

To Conclude

Families of all kinds may find something to do in New Mexico, from the elegant houses of the little village of Corrales to the bustling town of Los Lunas and its many family-friendly activities.

The ultimate decision depends on your priorities, even while Grants is more affordable and Los Alamos offers a mix between scientific interests and family life.

Recall that these are only the beginning; learn more about these and other communities in New Mexico.

The “Land of Enchantment” has everything you and your family need to succeed, including a strong sense of community, thrilling outdoor activities, and highly regarded schools.

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