Worcester City Council wants to host again March Madness

The basketball scene in Worcester is very lively. “Right now, it is impossible to find a gym to rent in the city,” said Eric Batista. “All the gyms in this city are full of kids playing basketball.”

The boy’s basketball team from North High School has won their second consecutive state championship. The girl’s basketball team from South High Community School came close to winning, but fell just short. The College of the Holy Cross women’s basketball team recently competed in the 2024 NCAA women’s basketball tournament.

City leaders are feeling excited and enthusiastic about their recent success. “Many people.” “During a meeting on Tuesday, City Councilor Khrystian King expressed that it is a chance to highlight the city of Worcester,”

Worcester last hosted the March Madness tournament in 2005, but many things have changed since that time. The DCU Center is a large venue that is suitable for hosting the popular March Madness event. However, it also requires several big hotels, which has been the main challenge for the city since their previous hosting.

“According to Tim Murray, the president and CEO of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce, the number of new hotel rooms being built is not sufficient. This is especially concerning when you consider that Crowne Plaza closed down a few years ago, which had almost 300 rooms,”

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Murray went to March Madness in Worcester in 1991 and 2005. He recalls how the traffic affected the local economy. Murray is feeling hopeful but also being careful about the future of the city’s hotels. “There are a few potential hotel projects, with one in particular, that are being seriously considered. If approved, they could potentially add a few hundred hotel rooms,” Murray said.

Murray explained that constructing hotels should be economically viable beyond just accommodating March Madness. He explains that constructing hotels has its own set of difficulties, such as expenses.

In recent years, Worcester, specifically the DCU Center and the College of the Holy Cross, has tried to become a host city, but they have not been successful. The City Council showed their support on Tuesday night for pursuing a bid to host an event later this decade.

“Sports brings communities together,” City Councilor Luis Ojeda said. “It helps families spend time together and bond.” It helps people from different parts of the world come together.

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