3-month-old Baby Dead After Multiple Bites by Family Pitbull in NJ

A family in East Hartford, Connecticut, is very sad because their 1-year-old baby died in a violent dog attack. According to reports, the child was playing on a trampoline with his mother at their home when their family dog attacked him and caused his death. Unfortunately, the child died from multiple bite wounds.

The attack occurred on Wednesday, March 13th, as reported by ABC News. Police in East Hartford arrived at the victim’s home just after 3 p.m. following reports of a child being attacked by a larger, mixed breed dog while on a trampoline. The boy was taken to the hospital quickly, but sadly, he did not survive. The police announced that the child’s mother had only minor injuries from the attack.

According to NBC News, the family had two Pit Bulls. One of the dogs was responsible for the attack. The upset family said that the animal had never shown any signs of aggression before.

“If the dog had been aggressive or anything like that, rest assured that he wouldn’t have been near the baby,” said Ricky Rohena, the child’s father. Rohena also said she was sorry for leaving the dogs outside that day.

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“I didn’t have the opportunity to hold my baby at all.” “I didn’t have the opportunity to see him,” said Rohena, who was heartbroken. She was at work when the attack happened. Rohena mentioned that he took the dogs outside before going to work, but now he regrets leaving them outside. A neighbor said that they heard screams coming from the victim’s house and quickly went to help.

“I tried to defend against two Pit Bulls and help the baby as much as I could,” explained Rohan Green, the neighbor. “One minute felt like a very long time.” The battle was long.

After the attack, the authorities took both animals from the house. This sad event happened just a week after a family dog in New Jersey attacked and killed a 3-month-old baby. A child in Connecticut has died from multiple dog bites in a dog attack. The incident was reported on DogTime.

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