4 Texas towns ranks in 30 best up-and-coming small cities in US

Many individuals are drawn to Texas for fresh starts and the opportunities it provides. As small towns in Texas continue to grow, many cherished places will soon lose their small-town charm.

HGTV listed Kyle, New Braunfels, and Georgetown among the top 30 emerging small cities in the United States. “If you’re searching for the next emerging small city or craving a new environment, keep an eye on these rapidly growing small cities in the US,” states the report.

The report focused on analyzing the Milken Institute’s annual report on top-performing cities based on economic growth, quality jobs, wages, housing prices, and Internet access. The data was collected from the US Census Bureau’s list of fastest-growing cities and towns, with a clear dominance from the South. HGTV selected towns from both lists and also considered data from a survey on the top small hometowns.


Located just 30 minutes north of Austin, this Central Texas town has experienced a 14% growth over the past year, making it the fastest-growing city in the United States, as reported. Georgetown’s population is approximately 86,500. According to HGTV, the city’s growth can be attributed to its historic architecture, local wineries, farm-to-table dining, and one of the Lone Star State’s most beautiful town squares.

Blue Hole Park offers a picturesque lagoon for residents to enjoy a swim, while Inner Space Cavern allows visitors to explore the underground cave system in the area, according to the report.

New Braunfels

New Braunfels is located just 30 minutes from San Antonio, in the heart of the expanding I-35 corridor. There are many activities to enjoy in the historic German town, such as tubing down the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers, shopping or grabbing a drink downtown, or heading to the historic Gruene Hall to see a rising country artist. The Schlitterbahn water park, known for its accolades, will provide relief for residents in the intense triple-digit heat, according to the report. Additionally, it’s the sole Texas town featured on the list that boasts its own Buc-ee’s gas station, which undoubtedly helps attract visitors.

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Kyle, located on the opposite side of Austin, is experiencing growth due to the increasing number of people moving to the area. The Pie Capital of Texas now has around 50,000 residents, a significant increase from the 6,000 residents it had 24 years ago, according to the report.

The city is experiencing significant growth with businesses such as Tesla and Costco establishing a presence in the area. Kyle is also seeing the arrival of numerous national chain restaurants and fast-food establishments.

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