These Indiana Towns to Become Empty Because Residents are Fleeing Very Fast

Indiana ranks among the leading states in the country for population decline, as indicated by a recent study from Atlas Van Lines. According to the report using the company’s internal data on interstate, cross-border, and international moves, it reveals that 59% of all Indiana household moves in 2023 were outbound, indicating a higher number of people leaving the state than entering. Indiana ranks fifth among the least popular states, trailing behind Illinois, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and Minnesota.

What is causing the population decline in Indiana?

Several factors impact individuals’ choices to move, including economic opportunities, cost of living, quality of life, climate, and personal preferences. Here are a few factors contributing to the population decline in Indiana:

Indiana’s economy heavily relies on manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation, which have been significantly impacted by the pandemic, automation, and global competition, leading to a lack of job growth and innovation. Additionally, the state has low rankings in innovation, entrepreneurship, and education, which are crucial for economic development and diversification. Indiana’s rankings in the U.S. News & World Report are as follows: 40th for economy, 38th for business environment, and 35th for education.

Indiana’s tax rates are among the highest in the region, with the highest sales tax, second-highest gas tax, and third-highest property tax. These taxes can be quite burdensome for residents and businesses, particularly when the state fails to deliver sufficient public services and infrastructure.

Indiana is facing a persistent fiscal issue, dealing with a significant debt and unfunded pension liabilities exceeding $50 billion. The state’s credit rating has been lowered by Moody’s and S&P to the second-lowest among all states, which will increase the cost of borrowing money and managing its debt. There is a corruption scandal in the state involving its former Attorney General Curtis Hill, who faced allegations of sexual misconduct and misusing funds.

Crime and violence are significant issues in Indiana, as the state experienced over 400 homicides and 2,000 shootings in 2023. The state is known for its lenient approach to crime, with low conviction rates and light sentences for violent offenders. Many residents are concerned and dissatisfied with the state’s public safety and accountability. Indiana is ranked 45th in the nation for crime and corrections by the U.S. News & World Report.

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Where are individuals relocating to?

According to the report from Atlas Van Lines, the most popular locations for individuals leaving Indiana include:

  • Maine: In 2023, Maine had the highest percentage of inbound moves, with 64% of all moves being inbound. Maine provides a picturesque and tranquil setting, rich in natural resources, wildlife, and outdoor activities. In addition, the state offers affordable living, a great quality of life, and a warm and inviting culture. Maine is recognized for its forward-thinking and inventive policies, including ranked-choice voting, universal broadband access, and renewable energy objectives.
  • North Carolina: North Carolina is the second most favored state for inbound relocations, with 64% of all moves in 2023 being inbound. North Carolina has a vibrant and varied economy, with thriving industries in technology, biotechnology, banking, and education. In addition, the state offers affordable living, excellent quality of life, and pleasant weather. North Carolina boasts top-tier universities and research institutions like Duke, UNC, and NC State.
  • New Hampshire: New Hampshire ranks third in popularity for inbound moves, with 60% of all moves in 2023 being inbound. New Hampshire provides a mix of city and countryside living, offering proximity to both the mountains and the ocean. In addition, the state boasts a minimal tax load, excellent quality of life, and a tight-knit community. New Hampshire is famous for its active political involvement, being the site of the first presidential primary and having the largest state legislature in the country.

In conclusion

Indiana is experiencing a significant decrease in population, with more individuals leaving the state than arriving. This trend can be attributed to the limited job opportunities and lack of innovation, along with high taxes, poor governance, and the prevalence of crime and violence. These factors have established a detrimental cycle, where a decrease in people and businesses results in reduced revenue and growth, leading to additional fiscal and social issues that continue to push people away. If the state cannot break this cycle and tackle its challenges, it will keep losing its attractiveness and its population.

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