5 Creepy Secrets about the US Town That Never Existed

The very creepy Dudleytown is lying empty in the valley of the Dark Entry Forest in the northwest of Connecticut. In more specific terms, a part of Cornwall that became known as one of the scariest places in the U.S.

Dudleytown is said to have gotten its name from the Dudley family. It was first settled as a village in the 1740s. But studies and records show that the land was once holy to the Mohawk Nation, who lived there. People who are interested in ghosts and the supernatural haven’t let these facts stop them from making up a scary story about the town’s past that never happened.

Creepy Secrets about the Town That Never Existed

The Veil between Worlds

People in the area also laugh at the urban tale that says Dudleytown is where there is a tear in the veil between this world and the spirit world. In Dudleytown, this spiritual wall is the weakest. The tear in it makes it easy for ghosts to pass through. Some people say that the barrier can stay hidden in Dudleytown because it is so far away and alone. Ghost hunters have been trying for a long time to find solid proof of this veil but haven’t been able to.

The Devil’s Breath

A scary name for a mist that is said to rise from the Dark Entry Forest floor is “Devil’s Breath.” People who believe the stories about Dudleytown think that the mist is deadly and will kill anyone who breathes it in right away. This story started in the early 1800s, when Dudleytown was a mining town that did very well.

It became very dangerous in the iron mines, and a lot of miners died. Some miners thought that the accidents were caused by the Devil’s Breath, which they saw as God’s justice for the town’s sins. Some people still think that when the sun goes down, poisonous gas comes out of the forest floor.

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Animal Anomalies

Unusual animal behavior is one of these oddities. For example, some people who have been to Dudleytown say that their dogs won’t go into the woods here. Others get angry and hostile when they get close to the place. Some people have said they have found hurt animals in Dudleytown. According to them, the animals’ wounds couldn’t have been caused by hunters or traps. Some people have even said they saw deer and other wild animals staying still for hours on end.

The Ghosts of Dudleytown

One account of the Carter story says that the family left Dudleytown and lived in the country near Binghamton, New York. They tried to escape, but the evil would not let go. Natives killed every single family member. In a different story, the family was killed in Dudleytown while their father was away on business.

Some people who live in Dudleytown talk about the Carter family ghosts and how their screams can still be heard in the wrecked house. It seems that Gershon Hollister is also one of the ghosts of Dudleytown. He shows up as a shadowy figure or a worried voice calling for help.

The Vanishing Village

Dudleytown did well for a while, but it quickly went downhill. The town was built to be an agricultural hub, but being in the Dark Entry Forest presented many problems. Some of this was rocky, unusable dirt. People changed to better-laid plans when they got tired of struggling to grow food. Some versions of the story are more scary, and say that the Dudley family brought a curse from England to Connecticut with them.

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