These are the Top US Restaurants with Most Disturbing Pasts

People from all walks of life can feel at ease in restaurants, where they can grab a bite to eat or try something new. It would be hard to recognize American advertising without the big names of fast food chains plastered on billboards and signs, tempting people to order a familiar, salty meal. Besides the chains, many towns depend on the buzz that the unique restaurants in their areas bring to the area, bringing in a lot of tourists eager to try the newest food trends.

The US Restaurants with Disturbing Pasts


You might go to Denny’s to get a stack of big, tasty pancakes, but you might also run into… racism? It has been a problem in the past for Denny’s restaurants to be unfair to some groups. A lot of customers in California filed complaints against Denny’s in the 1990s, saying that the company violated their human rights. Some 32 of them sued the chain, saying it had a “discriminatory corporate culture.”

At one San Jose Denny’s, a group of Black students were asked to pay for their food and a cover charge ahead of time before they could sit down. But they brought white friends with them, and they weren’t asked to do the same. Also, at another California Denny’s, a 13-year-old girl was not given the famous free birthday meal. The chain wouldn’t serve her the food even when she showed them her baptismal certificate as proof of her age.

Don Diego

In the English town of Sutton-Coldfield, the owner of a tapas bar, Don Diego, was caught and charged with trying to kill someone. This shocked everyone. Ahmet Dincer was crazy; he thought that Carlos Tirado and Monica Lopes, two of his workers, were planning a coup to shut down his restaurant.

After not getting their pay, the two recently quit in protest. He called them to a meeting in his office and beat Tirado with a baseball bat, sprayed him with CS spray, and shot at him with an air pistol. Dincer said it was his way of getting payback. A CCTV film showed that the attack was so strong that the bat broke in half.

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Adamson BBQ, Toronto

People remember that during the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak, there was no more toilet paper and everyone had to wear a mask. Pandemics are the most terrifying things that can happen, and most businesses were happy to follow the rules that were put in place to control social distance. Besides Adamson BBQ in Toronto, that is.

It was dangerous for people, but the owner, Adam Skelly, wouldn’t close the restaurant to in-person dining during the limits. The government told Skelly several times that he needed to shut down, but he refused. The next day, after Toronto Public Health came to close the business, it reopened. The restaurant finally shut down when the doors had to be padlocked shut by the group. These fines came after Skelly was charged nine times for breaking the law. In the end, his bill added up to $187,000.

Heart Attack Grill

This is a fun restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada, called the Heart Attack Grill. It’s famous for its huge plates and foods that are high in salt, fat, and calories. Heart Attack’s menu includes huge burgers with up to eight patties and almost 20,000 calories each. They also serve fries cooked in pure lard, alcoholic drinks, and what they’re happy to call “butterfat” milkshakes.

There has been a lot of debate about the restaurant since it opened. Many people say it promotes obesity because people who weigh 350 pounds (163.3 kilograms) or more before their meal get to eat for free. The restaurant’s name comes from what they say might happen if you eat their food. One joke is that the waiters dress up as nurses in case of “emergency.” It’s not funny anymore when you hear that people have had heart attacks in their dining room while eating one of their “bypass burgers.”

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