Exploring the Scariest Place in Wisconsin that is in top in America

Wisconsin, known for its cheese, breweries, and natural beauty, conceals a dark side that goes beyond its dairy reputation. Wisconsin is home to a variety of haunted structures and unsettling apparitions, which have earned it a reputation as one of the scariest places in America.

Elk Lake in Phillips, Wisconsin

Located in Wisconsin, Elk Lake is an 87-acre sanctuary that holds a hidden past¹. In 1974, the lifeless body of Mary Schlais was found near Elk Lake. The mystery of her murder remains unsolved, and locals claim her spirit haunts the lake, with accounts of sorrowful wails echoing through the night.

Bloody Bride Bridge is located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin

The Highway 66 Bridge, also known as the Bloody Bride Bridge, tells a haunting story that has earned it a reputation as one of Wisconsin’s most chilling locations. According to local folklore, a tragic incident occurred on the wedding night of a newly married couple. It is believed that the bride’s spirit still haunts the bridge, and many visitors claim to feel her presence there.

The Pfister Hotel is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee has been recognized by the Travel Channel as one of the most haunting locations in Wisconsin. The hotel has gained a reputation for being haunted, with many reports of supernatural occurrences. These incidents are often linked to the hotel’s founder, Charles Pfister.

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Hotel Hell, located in Maribel, Wisconsin

This location in Maribel, Wisconsin, has a haunting atmosphere, formerly a hotel and now known as “Hotel Hell.” Following a perplexing fire that engulfed the structure, there have been ongoing rumors about the presence of skeletal remains on the highest level, contributing to the eerie ambiance.

Wisconsin is home to a variety of haunted locales that are sure to send chills down your spine. Join your bravest friends for a thrilling ghost tour and prepare for the hair-raising haunts that lie ahead. And just a friendly reminder, when the cheese curds start flying, be prepared!


Wisconsin, known for its cheese and breweries, is also known for its haunted attractions. Elk Lake in Phillips, the Bloody Bride Bridge in Stevens Point, the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, and Hotel Hell in Maribel, Wisconsin, are some of the most haunted locations in the country. These haunting attractions are sure to leave visitors feeling eerie and scared.

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