6 America Cities Has the Worst Traffic Problem According to Last Year Data

“Fishers, located just minutes away from Indianapolis, offers a perfect combination of small-town suburban living and access to big-city amenities.” The city has excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, and lots of parks and recreational activities. It’s a great place for families and the cost of living is affordable. The crime rate is 5.2 times less than the national average. There are many different attractions and dining options available. Lastly, Fishers is ranked highest in terms of economy, health, and safety.

America Cities with the Worst Traffic


Chicago has the worst traffic among all American cities. Chicago, Illinois is the biggest city in the Midwest and the only one on this list. People who drive in Chicago spend an average of 155 hours each year stuck in traffic. Fortunately, Chicago has a large train system, which means that many residents and visitors can completely avoid traveling by car.


There is another city on the East Coast that has some of the worst traffic in America. The city is Boston! Boston has the second-worst traffic in the country. On average, drivers in the city lose 134 hours in traffic every year. Over the past few years, traffic has been getting worse. If you live in Boston, you have probably noticed this, and if you are visiting, you might want to use the T for public transportation.

New York City

It’s not surprising that New York City is included in the list of cities with the worst traffic in the United States. New York City (NYC) has narrow streets and a high population density, and its driving style is famously aggressive. INRIX reports that drivers in New York City lose 117 hours in traffic every year. If you’re going to New York, it’s best to walk or take the subway. Luckily, the city has a strong public transportation system!

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The states on the East Coast have some of the worst traffic in the US. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has a lot of traffic and is ranked as the fourth-worst city for traffic in America. Drivers in Philadelphia, on average, spend 114 hours stuck in traffic every year. Philadelphia has a lot of traffic problems, especially during rush hour when many people are commuting. This leads to major delays on the roads.


Miami is a sunny and fun city, but it has one big problem: traffic! Miami has the fifth highest amount of traffic compared to other cities in America. INRIX reports that drivers in Miami spend 105 hours per year stuck in traffic. It is interesting to note that Miami is also ranked in global traffic. The city has the 9th highest level of traffic congestion compared to all cities worldwide! Miami residents have to deal with long traffic times due to the city’s large population and limited public transportation options.

Los Angeles

Yes, Los Angeles is known for having some of the worst traffic in the United States. But you probably already knew that Los Angeles was in first place. Actually, it has the seventh highest traffic congestion among all cities in the US. Los Angeles has a lot of people and really bad traffic during busy times. It’s known for having a lot of traffic, and the average driver spends 95 hours stuck in traffic, which is a lot of time wasted. If you are planning a trip to Los Angeles, it is important to consider the amount of time you will spend traveling on the roads. Also, remember to avoid traveling during busy times of the day!

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