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The dumbest cities in the US for 2024, according to Saturday Night Science, are Santa Maria and El Monte. People from America are very intelligent. Some people are more intelligent than others. Today, we will be discussing another group of Americans, those who are not very intelligent.

Which cities in the United States are considered to have lower intelligence levels? How do you determine which city in the United States is considered the least intelligent? We used Saturday Night Science to find out how many high school students graduate and how many adults complete college in each city. We used those criteria to make a list and then ordered the cities based on the list. If you’re feeling confused right now, it’s likely that you reside in one of the places mentioned below.

The Dumbest Cities In America For 2024

Santa Maria

Population: 109,543
Adult High School Dropout: 37.0% (2nd worst)
Adult Highly Educated: 14.0% (6th worst)

El Monte

Population: 108,682
Adult High School Dropout: 36.0% (3rd worst)
Adult Highly Educated: 14.0% (6th worst)

El Monte is located slightly to the east of Los Angeles. Here, almost half (47%) of the residents did not complete high school. There are ten bars for every library in this place. Actually, there are not many libraries in El Monte.


Population: 162,783
Adult High School Dropout: 38.0% (worst)
Adult Highly Educated: 15.0% (9th worst)

Let me explain what’s going on with Salinas: It has one of the highest numbers of residents who are not educated in the nation. That is true. However, the ratio of libraries to bars is actually quite good. There are many libraries in this town.

Jurupa Valley

Population: 105,672
Adult High School Dropout: 29.0% (8th worst)
Adult Highly Educated: 14.0% (6th worst)


Population: 103,873
Adult High School Dropout: 26.0% (14th worst)
Adult Highly Educated: 12.0% (2nd worst)


Population: 157,864
Adult High School Dropout: 24.0% (18th worst)
Adult Highly Educated: 12.0% (3rd worst)


Population: 150,620
Adult High School Dropout: 26.0% (12th worst)
Adult Highly Educated: 16.0% (12th worst)

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Method to Find the Dumbest Big Cities in America

To determine the least educated cities in the USA, we used Saturday Night Science to rank them based on their level of intelligence. We began by creating a list of all the locations in the United States that have a population of over 100,000 people. We used data from the 2018-2022 American Community Survey to compile this list. We were left with 318 places to rank.

We then examined the following criteria for each of the places on the list:

  • % of the city’s population with less than a high school education (Age 25+)
  • % of city’s population without a college degree (Age 25+)

This article has been revised for 2024. We have ranked the dumbest cities to live in America for the tenth time. This article is an opinion piece that presents facts in an entertaining way. Please don’t overreact.

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