6 Most Famous Celebrities Who Live in Hawaii

Hawaii stands out as one of the most distinctive states in America, particularly due to its natural surroundings. Enjoy the sunshine, the waves, and one of the most diverse ecosystems in the nation. Given the abundance of natural beauty, it’s no wonder that numerous renowned athletes and celebrities opt to reside in the state. Continue reading to find out about the most well-known celebrities residing in Hawaii.

Hawaii is now considered a luxurious place to reside, and also one of the priciest in the US. This location seems to be quite exclusive, only accessible to those who are well-known or wealthy. Who adores Hawaii so much that they choose to reside there? Give thanks to these well-known Hawaii residents.

Most Famous Celebrities That Live in Hawaii

Jeff Bezos

One of the most well-known figures residing in Hawaii is billionaire Jeff Bezos. With Jeff Bezos’ wealth, is it really surprising that he purchased a home in the Hawaiian Islands? Even though this isn’t the main residence of the Amazon founder, it’s widely known by locals that he likes to relax in Hawaii. He purchased a home in Maui’s exclusive La Perouse Bay for a staggering $78 million. It made quite a splash when he initially arrived.

Roseanne Barr

Another well-known celebrity residing in Hawaii is Rosanne Barr. Roseanne portrayed a Midwestern mother in the 90s with a touch of blue-collar humor, but her current persona is quite different. She owns several homes, but one of the most well-known is located in Maui. Barr purchased and manages a macadamia farm as one of her hobbies. Her farm is a large, extensive property with many luxurious features.

Marc Benioff

If you are familiar with Salesforce, you may know that Marc Benioff was its founder. The celebrity entrepreneur became well-known for his successful endeavors in the startup industry. When he’s not revolutionizing corporate commerce, he’s enjoying life on the Big Island, close to Hapuna Beach. There is limited information available about the farm, but it is believed to be fantastic. (He has the financial means to purchase it.)

Glenn Medeiros

During the 1980s, the pop-rocker gained fame for his melodic hits such as “Nothing’s Going to Change My Love for You.” Following his exit from the music industry, he transitioned into a prominent academic. He earned a doctorate degree from California and currently serves as the President of the St. Louis School in Hawaii.

His wealth brought him significant rewards. Medeiros owns an extravagant home on Oahu. It’s a bit unclear whether he earned it through his academic work or his music career.

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Kris Kristofferson

Can you recall the work of Kris Kristofferson? He was credited as the writer for “Me and Bobby McGee,” and worked with musicians such as Jimi Hendrix and Janice Joplin. When he wasn’t performing on stage or in front of a camera, he was busy caring for his five children in the stunning surroundings of Oahu.

Kristofferson retired from music and chose to go back to the mansion where he brought up his children. He is currently not in good health, but he is spending his last days in Hawaii after being a dedicated member of the community for many years.

Bill Kreutzmann

Did you know that Bill Kreutzmann from the Grateful Dead has been living in Kauai for a long time? The rockstar legend owns a farm on the island with his wife, where they have been enjoying their retirement from the hectic touring life. That being said, Kreutsmann continues to tour occasionally, but he is concluding his final tour that was scheduled. It seems Jerry Garcia would be pleased with the farm Bill’s progress.

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