6 Most Famous Celebrities Who Live in Ohio

Initially, Ohio may not be a state where you would anticipate finding celebrity residences. It doesn’t quite meet the glamorous expectations of California or New York. Occasionally, a celebrity will choose to escape the hustle and bustle of Hollywood for a more relaxed location. Continue reading to find out about some of the well-known celebrities residing in Ohio.

Celebrities are becoming increasingly drawn to Ohio’s distinct appeal, particularly in the real estate sector. With the affordable cost of living, welcoming residents, and delicious high-end restaurants in Cleveland, it’s clear why this state has become popular among celebrities.

Most Famous Celebrities Who Live in Ohio

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are the most well-known celebrity couple residing in Ohio. Yes, it’s true: a Kardashian resides in Ohio. Khloe K has been dating Tristan Thompson for a while now. She even went as far as living in a home in-state as things became more serious. Khloe and Tristan’s relationship has been tumultuous because of a significant cheating incident. You may not spot Khloe around very often. Tristan, however, still enjoys living in the state.

Bill Waterson

Bill Waterson is a well-known celebrity residing in Ohio. However, he doesn’t make frequent appearances on the red carpet like other well-known Ohio residents. He is famous for creating one of America’s most beloved cartoon characters. Bill Waterson is the genius behind the beloved Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. Waterson stands out from the typical celebrity crowd. He enjoys maintaining a low profile in a spacious and cozy house.

Michael Symon

Looking for a delicious snack? Consider chef Michael Symon’s residence in Ohio. The renowned chef has made a home in a stunning 3.5-bedroom Tudor house that appears flawless. Although it may be considered traditional, he is a devoted supporter of Cleveland. Being a chef in Ohio is quite enjoyable. Who wouldn’t want to receive an invitation to a dinner party at his place?

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Mark Nolan

If you live in Ohio, chances are you’ve watched Channel 3 to catch Mark Nolan in action. It’s not surprising that Nolan is a local in the state. He specifically resides in Burton. His house is quite spacious with a farmhouse-style design, including a man cave. Somehow, this really aligns well with Nolan’s brand, and we truly mean that in a positive way.

Saeed Jones

If you enjoy new media, you might already be following Saeed Jones on Instagram or any other emerging social media platform. Starting out as an editor at Buzzfeed, the social media star soon established himself as a well-known brand. Saeed is still living in Columbus, where he sometimes gets stopped for photos. He’s quite well-liked, so much so that he made a guest appearance on Bob’s Burgers. Isn’t that awesome?

Maggie Jones

Is this about a renowned poet? Is it in 2023? It’s probably more feasible than you realize. Maggie Jones became widely popular on Instagram and Twitter due to her successful poem “Good Bones.” Since then, she has released numerous books filled with captivating, emotionally charged poetry.

Although this might not be the typical definition of a celebrity, her Substack and books have had a significant impact on numerous individuals. Who can say for sure? If you’re in the vicinity of Columbus, you might have the opportunity to attend one of her readings.

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