A Large Alligator Seized From a New York State Man Has Found a New Home

There is a story about Albert the alligator, which you might recall. In March of 2024, officials from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation took the reptile, which measured 11 feet in length and weighed 750 pounds, from a residence in the town of Hamburg. This event caused the tale to become widely publicised across the country.

It was reported by WIVB that the owner of Albert had owned the alligator for more than thirty years, and that he had even constructed an addition to the back of his house that included a pool specifically for the animal. The fact that Albert’s owner allowed guests to swim alongside the enormous alligator contributed to the fact that he had even become something of a celebrity in the town located in western New York.

It is important to note that the state of New York prohibits the importation, ownership, and sale of live alligators, caimans, and crocodiles, with the exception of individuals who obtain a special permit. The DEC stated that the most current permit that Albert’s owner had expired in the year 2021.

After that, the authorities stated that the animal had “numerous health-related issues, including blindness in both eyes and spinal complications” at the time that he was taken away from the residence.

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Alligator Seized in New York Goes To Texas

According to WIVB, Albert arrived in the state of Texas after undergoing “extensive examination and initial rehabilitation under licenced veterinary care in Massachusetts.” This information was obtained from the state of Massachusetts.

Gator Country Adventure Park, which WIVB defines as an authorised alligator rehabilitation facility in Beaumont, was the destination of the alligator after it was relocated with the assistance of the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

Gary Saurage, the proprietor of Gator Country, stated to KFDM that “all you have to do is look and see Albert and know that he really wasn’t kept in the best conditions.”

But in the past two months, Albert has made significant progress in his life. In the past few weeks, the animal has demonstrated “a substantial health improvement,” which the New York Department of Environmental Conservation was pleased to report.

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