Invasive Bugs Outside of Caterpillars Coming to New York State

Residents of New York State were happy to see winter end and spring begin. We can now expect the weather to get warmer and the days to be sunnier. There will also be more events, activities, and festivals to take part in.

I enjoy being outdoors because it improves my mood. Residents of New York State can also have the opportunity to dine outdoors and spend more time on rail trails. As we enjoy everything that spring has to offer, we have also noticed the return of our insect friends who are also excited about this season.

The Hudson Valley Was Recently Invaded

Recently, it seems that the Hudson Valley was invaded by small, black caterpillars. I noticed that many people in Facebook groups were wondering what these insects were. Residents were curious about these caterpillars and also concerned about recent bug bites they had received.

According to 101.5 WPDH, there has been a rise in the number of ghost bugs and spongy moths. They kept discussing the differences between the bugs.

However, they explained that spongy months begin as small black caterpillars. These caterpillars can be found on strands that are usually hard to see as they search for a place to stay before becoming adult moths.

You can find more information about ghost bugs and spongy moths, including what their bites may look like, on the WPDH website. In 2024, New York State will see various bugs, including ghost bugs and spongy moths.

During the warmer months of 2022 and 2023, residents of New York State also encountered an invasive worm. Since I didn’t receive any warning about the return of spongy moths and ghost gnats to our area, I have been doing some research to find out what other things we should be aware of this spring.

94.3 Lite FM shared that Asian jumping worms are not from this area. They are originally from Japan and Korea. In New York State, there are three different types of species related to this worm. These worms can vary in size from 1 inch to 8 inches, depending on where they are found.

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Asian jumping worms have the ability to alter the composition of soil and can invade any kind of garden. These worms have been added to the list of invasive species that are not allowed in New York State, according to the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Have You Spotted These Invasive Pests Yet Within New York State?

I have already seen this harmful pest in New York State. But I haven’t seen many of them yet (which is a good thing), so we can learn how to prevent them from entering our home this season. It is advised not to squish this particular insect.

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs, also known as BMSM and stink bugs, have a well-known reputation. Even though I’ve never heard of anyone being bitten by one, they don’t respect personal space. There have been times when a stink bug or two would fly around my space and sometimes land on me without permission (which I don’t appreciate).

The National Pesticide Information Centre stated that Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs originated from Asia. This happened in the 1990s and these annoying insects have been a problem since then.

The National Pesticide Centre says that adult stink bugs come out in the spring and eat plants. Stink bugs are most noticeable in the summer and fall when the weather gets cooler. They are looking for a warm place to stay during this time.

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